Online Vape Stores Saved Me


Online Vape Stores Saved Me

online vape stores saved me

It was around 2012 and I had been smoking since I was 17. I started smoking over a break up. I was so depressed a friend turned to me and said here this will calm you down, and from there I never stopped.

So back to 2012, I was fixing a phone with my nephew and was getting these aches in my elbows and a heavy feeling in my chest but I didn’t want to scare my nephew. I tried taking something to make pain go away but it only got worse. So I call my cousin and had her bring to the hospital and they checked me out and told me I had massive heart burn to take some antacids.

All through the night I was tossing and turning around, and the next day I went back and come to find out I had blockage in my heart I needed to have 2 stents put in. I asked my doctor if smoking was a factor in this and he said it doesn’t help the matter and I needed to quit. I ask him how do you expect me to quit I have been smoking for over 30 years! He said to give vaping a try, he didn’t like it either, but said it was a lot better than smoking.

So my sister got me a battery with a tank with a Cartomizer on it and 24 mg juice. From there I was paying a lot of money so I went online and found stores like Eight Vape and others so I would not have to drive miles around because vape stores are very limited. These online stores like Eight Vape save me because I am not rich, I’m on disability now and thanks to them I can afford to vape and am vaping 3mg compared to the 24mg.

So I'd just like to say thank you for making vaping and my health that much better keep up the great work Eight Vape.


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