Asmodus Spurzza Squonk Mod Review


Asmodus Spurzza Squonk Mod Review

By Kyle Wheeler 

Good day to all, here is my user review for the Asmodus Spruzza Squonk mod. Enjoy!

Ah squonking, this is one of those things where you either get it or you don’t. Truly truly, squonking is my preferred way to vape. The flavor, the capacity, the lack of glass to break, the building to your spec! Oh did I mention the flavor!? Enough about squonking, lets talk about the Spruzza!

This little mod is made by Asmodus Distribution and is actually a pretty neat little device! I had a run in with Asmodus’s customer service right off the bat. My pump tank was not working! I called them right at closing time and they sent one out to me and gave me tracking on the following business day. Spectacular customer service here!

Lets get the gripes out of the way immediately. Before we get to those, I have had the Spruzza for almost 3 months and use it daily except for when its raining.

  • First, the pump system has a couple little o-rings in it that you have to be patient to get back on the hard plastic tube. If you rush this you will dislodge the o-rings and issues will be had.
  • Second, there is no “bypass” mode on this device. It’s not truly needed, but it would have been nice to see all the same.
  • Third, the wood. Now its claimed to be stabilized wood (a chemical curing process to make it impervious to the elements. Often used on knife handle scales as well as grips for handguns and such). I accidentally set mine down on a bit of water, now it does have a different slightly rougher texture on the area that got wet compared to the other panel. These can be replaced as accessories by calling Asmodus customer service and cost $25 at the time of this review. Because of this, I don’t use this when its raining outside as I have to vape outside at work.
  • Fourth, the actual squonking of this mod. It is super subjective, but for some it is not going to be their thing. But I LOVE it. Consistent, and very reliable if you follow the patience guideline as mentioned above. “X” amount of pumps and you are good to go. But it may not be for everybody. And the spring is quite stiff until the plastic tube inside the pumper gets lubed up and spring broken in some.


With that out of the way lets actually talk about all the good, there is a lot of it here!


The Mod:

This mod is just plain excellent. The size is about the same size as the Pulse 80W and a bit heavier. The mod is framed by a hard anodized aluminum that is black with a mild shine to it and the panels are stabilized wood set into what appears to be G10 with SOLID magnets on it. There are two notches on the bottom to aid in removing the panels. The inside is a plastic that just holds the components, nothing to report here. It is black and shows dust, but that is par for the course here but is easy to clean while refilling the tank section.

The battery and juice reservoir are located on opposite sides to prevent juice from leaking into the battery. HUGE plus on that! The battery compartment itself holds the batteries nice and firm. I did have a battery wrap tear on my Samsung Q30 battery almost immediately, which is strange because my LG Brown battery wrap is 100% intact still. Overall, the battery compartment is quite good. spring loaded to ease in holding and releasing the battery. I ultimately push it through the back by holding it on both sides of the mod, lifting it away from the bottom and carefully slide the battery out.

Asmodus also has 1 firmware upgrade that I did not notice any perceivable difference between my original firmware and the upgrade. You need to have a Windows computer to apply this though. Asmodus also provides a full set of instructions on how to upgrade this and is quite easy to follow as long as you actually read through them. Boring I know, but it should have only taken me 5 minutes instead of 35 minutes if I read the instructions all the way.

The button on the side is right above the screen and is quite clicky. I do occasionally have a false click where I click the button and it does not fire the mod up. To be honest, this happens once out of every 50 pulls on the mod.  The button does have the “Asmodus” name on it painted in white and gets dirty after some time, but a magic eraser cleans it right up with no issues.

Last thing here is the bottle. It is super easy to fill up, I just leave it inside the mod and slide the glass out and dump liquid in and slide it back closed. I have never had it leak on me. Not once! Now sliding the glass back over can be easy or hard depending on the little tank itself. My white one is quite difficult to slide the glass out and back, but my black one does it with relative ease. I'm really not sure why. The white is what came with the mod and was the replacement that Asmodus sent me, but even the original defective white one was the same way. The black one is a bit wider and fits more snug in the mod, but is easier to open the glass. Who knows why its tough. Included in the box is also a spare glass and o-ring for the pump mechanism. I keep calling this glass “glass” and that is because it is actually glass. I chipped my defective one on accident. Replacement glass and o-rings are available for purchase at Asmodus’s website.

The reason I love this pump so much is because unless you are using a Dead Rabbit or other large juice well style RDA, you’ll always eventually over squonk with a traditional squonk mod. Not so with this one since you just count your pumps. I never flooded my Nudge or Profile because I knew “X” pumps was good. I do 5 pumps on my Dead Rabbit SQ and the cotton is fully saturated. LOVE the pump system.


User interface:

The screen is very easy to maneuver and operate. I was quite worried it would be finnicky but as long as you are deliberate about sliding around the screen it works just fine. As quick long swipe down will unlock the mod and after that deliberate left and right swipes will cycle through the menu settings. You do have to make sure you swipe across whatever menu setting you are in or you will jump into the wattage or temp setting depending on what you are on. In wattage mode if you swipe up you can change the preheat settings. They are quite noticeable and I usually use mine on normal. To lock the settings you just hit the power button.

To lock the mod you just hit the fire button 3 times and it will show “System Locked” and you will not be able to vape or mess with any of the settings. To power the device off you click the button 5 times.


Inside the settings you will be able to change the brightness as well as get rid of your current puffs. Also, you can check the actual resistance of your coil which is great for temp and TCR settings (I do not do much temp vaping, but it does work well).


The brightness of the screen, HOLY COW! This thing is BRIIIIIIIIIIGHT. I had no issues in full daylight sun seeing anything. Currently mine is set to brightness level 1/10 because its so bright. You will likely blind yourself at night by keeping it at full brightness in a car. Other manufacturers need to take note of their screen. It is amazing. You cannot change the duration of the screen though. It usually dims at around 2 seconds and shuts off after 5 additional seconds of inactivity.


Vaping Experience and Performance:

I don’t build super low because I'm not chasing clouds. And if I were, this would not be the mod since it is just a single 18650. So I build at around 0.20-0.25oHms using Kendo cotton on the Hellvape Dead Rabbit SQ. The other RDA’s that have been used with this have also been the Wotofo Nudge, Asmodus Oni-one, and the Wotofo Profile. The SQ is simply my favorite to use on this. But back to the experience and performance, it is a good solid hit with that oHms load and LG brown batteries. It does take just a minute to heat up but that’s because I am using a SS 316L staggered fused Clapton 26ga inner and 32ga outer. When using any sort of Nickel coils the ramp up time Is almost instantaneous. And the battery life is quite good. I usually go through 1 ½ batteries a day while working and 2 batteries on a weekend/day off sort of day. The chip is really quite efficient!

 Wattage mode is just simple and easy. Swipe down, hold the wattage, adjust it in .1 increments or hold the + or – down to scroll through, hit the fire button to lock it In place, then vape. I do wish it was full numbers and not .1 increments though. But that’s personal preference. Curve mode is probably my favorite. You can really feel the difference in the curve on the wattage. My curve starts around 53 watts and goes down to 46 then back up to 50. Its quite nice and changes the vaping experience. Temp mode works well for as much as I use it.


In closing:

In closing, this is my favorite mod I have purchased yet. And at the price that EightVape is selling it, you’d be a fool not to pick it up if you are thinking about squonking. The quality is excellent, user interface works very well, the pump is very consistent, and the customer service on both ends of Eight Vape and Asmodus is stellar. I always get complements at my local shops when I go in for cotton or juice. The thing just works! It is a little different to get used to the touch screen and the pumper mechanism, but they are easy to learn and grow accustomed to. This has been my daily mod for 3 months now and it is in excellent shape. The wood has not done anything else since I set it in a drop of water on my counter and the aluminum body is not showing any signs of wear (and I pocket this mod all the time, sometimes with my keys with it! Yikes!!). I really want to pickup the Pumper 18 or Pumper 21 in the future because the pump style squonking. Its beautiful, functional, and a great price. If this mod broke today, would I buy it again? Yes. End of story.

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