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Geekvape Aegis Hero Kit

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An advancement on the widely-regarded Geekvape Aegis, the Hero kit explores the possibilities of its ancestor with new modifications that take this vape device to the next level. Users will enjoy updated features including the top airflow pod mod with Buck-Boost system. Both waterproof and shockproof, this vape device is designed for durability and users that are on the go, with up to 4ml of juice capacity to last the entire day. The Geekvape Aegis Hero offers superior performance packed into its small size: incredible e-juice flavor created by a 1200mAh battery with 45W maximum output, adjustable for the user to create a personalized vape experience.

Features and Specifications:

  • Weight: 3.1 oz
  • Size: 48.15*25.4*82.9mm
  • 1200mAh Battery
  • Output Range: 4-45W
  • Resistance: 0.1-3ohm
  • 0.42-inch OLED Screen
  • 4ml E-Liquid Capacity
  • 510 Drip Tip
  • Top Airflow
  • No Leakage
  • Geekvape B Series Coil Compatible
  • Shockproof
  • Waterproof

Package Includes:

1x Geekvape Aegis Hero
2x G Coil Boost Formula Mesh Coil (0.4O 25-33W, 0.6O 15-25W)
1x Drip Tip
1x USB Cable
1x User Manual
1x Coil Tool

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GeekVape Aegis Mini Review

By Michael DeCato
Instagram: @madecat_vapes

Aegis Mini Specs

  • Height: 78mm
  • Power output: 5-80W
  • Resistance range: 0.05-3.0ohm
  • Output Mode: Power/TC(Ni,Ti,SS)/TCR/VPC/BYPASS
  • Material: Alloy + SIL silicone + leather
  • Battery: Built-in 2200mAh
  • Temperature Range: 100-315℃/200-600℉
  • Level: IP67 waterproof and dustproof
  • Thread: 510 thread

Cerberus Tank Specs

  • Diameter: 27mm
  • Capacity: 5.5ml buble glass max capacity/4ml regular glass max capacity
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Coil: Super Mesh X1-Kanthal/0.2ohm/30-90W
  • Airflow: Dual adjustable bottom
  • Fill: twist to lock, top fill
  • *Compatible with TFV8 Baby Beast Coils
  • Drip Tip: 8mm wide 810

Aegis Mini Kit Contents

  • Aegis Mini Mod
  • Cerberus Sub-Ohm Tank (pre-installed Super Mesh Coil X2 0.3ohm, bubble glass tube 5.5ml)
  • Spare Parts Pack
  • Super Mesh X2 Coil 0.3ohm
  • USB Cable
  • User Manual
  • Regular Glass Tube (4.0mL)


  • 5 clicks on
  • + and - to lock +/- buttons (can still fire mod)
  • 3 clicks to enter "menu"
  • + or - to scroll through operation modes while in "menu" (Power/TC/TCR/VPC/BYPASS)
  • Click power button while in "menu" to modify operation type
  • Modify Power Operation (lock/reset resistance, reset puff counter)
  • Modify TC Operation (lock/reset resistance, change watts, reset puff counter)
  • Modify TCR Operation (lock/reset resistance, change watts, change TCR, reset puff counter)
  • Modify VPC Operation (modify 5 wattage points)
  • Modify Bypass Operation (lock/reset resistance, reset puff counter)
  • Power button and + or - to change screen brightness
  • 5 clicks off
  • + and - while off to show version

Aegis Mini

The Aegis Mini really is just as it's name suggests: a miniaturized version of the original Aegis mod. It looks exactly the same as the OG Aegis but like a scaled down version of it. The Aegis Legend, while still maintaining similar styling to the OG Aegis, looked a bit different due to it having to accommodate 2 18650 batteries. I never used the original Aegis device, but really enjoyed the Aegis Legend and the Aegis Mini follows suit. But I'm getting ahead of myself. Let's jump off this review and start at the best place possible: the top.

Top: The 510 plate on the Aegis Mini is quite opposite to what the device's name would suggest. The platform is HUGE! And while it doesn't fit 30mm atty's like the Aegis Legend does, you can fit up to 28mm atty's without overhang. Not that you really need to throw a 30mm or really even a 28mm atty on a device like this. I mean, maybe you want to, but you'll be charging the thing more than you'll be using it. Even though you can fit some large attys on the Mini, I'm not really a huge fan of the huge platform on it. This device works really well with 22mm attys in terms of power output and battery longevity, but the huge plate makes them look ridiculously small. Kind of like when Beetlejuice steals that witch doctor's ticket so he shrinks his head. The 25mm Cerberus looks fine on it, though, so I guess as a kit, it works. Aside from that, the plate is secured into the device via 3 torq screws through the top. The positive pin is gold-plated and spring-loaded and attys thread onto the device very smoothly.

Buttons: Along the front of the device is the fire button, screen (more on this later), and +/- buttons. All the buttons have a very smooth feel to them and protrude from the device a bit making them easy to find and use. All buttons activate nicely and have a good clickyness to them.

Screen/Menu: The screen/menu on the Aegis Mini is pretty much an exact copy of what was in the Blade/Legend/Nova kit so I'm going to use the magic of copy/paste here.

The device has a good sized screen for the size of the device and pretty much all the information you want to see on it. The menu system is very simplified, which can be a pro or a con. It works fine, so whatever. You can take a look above at the Operationsection for more information on the workings of the menu. At this point, I've gotten pretty used to the GeekVape typical menu and navigation, and have really started to like it as I've found that it's really easy to get used to and navigate through. Some device make you go into a true menu, then find your sub menu, then find your setting, and then adjust it. The GeekVape menu is very simplified and making adjustments are quick and easy. I guess the biggest con that it looks a bit dated at this point. The only other thing I want to mention about the screen/menu is that the device handles adjusting your wattage/tc really well. It increments by .1 if you press the adjustment button. If you hold it down it will adjust by 1, slowly at first, then speeds up to a good speed.

Size/Styling: The Aegis Mini really lives up to it's name as it is quite small. For reference, the Cerberus tank is a bit more than half the height of the AM. I have pod devices that are taller than this. If I hold it in the palm of my hand it does not reach from one side to the other. So,'s small. It does have it bit of thiccness to it, though, so it's not too small. It just really has a good hand feel and just fits in your grip nicely.

The styling of the Aegis Mini really is exactly the same as the OG Aegis and Aegis Legend. I really dig the gripiness of the silicon, the look of the accent piece, and the leather padding with the stitching. It just looks good.

Performance: The Aegis Mini is, I believe, the 4th device I've reviewed from GeekVape and it seems like each new device was a bit better than the last in one aspect or another when it comes to performance. And while that's not the case with the Aegis Mini, it's for a different reason than you think. The last GeekVape device I reviewed was the Nova. It does great in power mode and GeekVape finally seemed to nail down TC. Well, the Aegis Mini performs just as good as the Nova in those respects. Power mode works really well and it seems like whatever they figured out with TC for the Nova made its way over to the AM. I mostly used the AM in TC mode and it's really just fantastic given its price range. GeekVape have really made it to a point where I feel like their devices are some of the better performers out there and they have grown into being one of my favorite companies.

As far as battery life goes, I seemed to get about a days worth of usage at around the 50w range. I'd say that's pretty good, but I would really have loved to see a bigger battery in the device. Charging the device from empty seemed to happen very quickly, and while I can't give an exact number, I'd say no longer than 1-1.5 hours.

Cerberus Tank

I previously reviewed the Cerberus Tank when I reviewed the Aegis Legend Kit. Here is what I had to say about it then:

There's not really much to say about the Cerberus tank that I didn't say about the Aero Mesh tank in the past. Aside from a bit of styling, they're very similar. The one thing performance wise that I noticed, though, is the draw on the Cerberus seems to be a bit more restricted. It's not a restricted DTL hit, just moreso than the Aero Mesh. Here's what I had to say about the Aero Mesh:

It's a nice little subohm tank and has some decent flavor. It takes 810 drip tips, so that's a bonus. It utilizes The same top-fill design that is typical of GeekVape, where you twist it a half of a turn to remove the entire top. I feel like some kind of push-to-open top would be better, or something hinge-style. The Mesh coils that GeekVape have created are actually really nice. The regular Aero tank I thought was just okay. It wasn't the tank's fault; it was the coils. The mesh coils with the Cerberus are really fantastic. Flavor is quite on point. Maybe I would have liked to see a dual or triple mesh coil options, but the single mesh is really great! I used to say I wasn't much of a sub-ohm tank guy, and while I still can't justify the cost of purchasing coils, I have to say that I'm really impressed with how far tanks have come.

Final Thoughts


  • Fits up to 28mm attys
  • Gold-plated, spring-loaded positive pin
  • Smooth 510 threading
  • Clicky and responsive buttons
  • Simplistic and intuitive menu system
  • Good speed for wattage/tc scrolling
  • Compact size
  • Comfortable to hold
  • Styling
  • Quick firing
  • Power Mode performance
  • TC Mode performance
  • Charges quickly
  • Coil flavor


  • The large 510 plate makes small atty's look silly
  • Would have liked to see a larger battery

I'm trying not to fanboy too hard here, but GeekVape has really done just a phenomenal job with their devices and the Aegis Mini falls right in line. It's got the looks and ruggedness of the the rest of the Aegis line and the performance of the Nova. If you're looking for an internal battery device with great performance, then the Aegis Mini is for you.


Aegis Hero 45W Pod Device - Geekvape
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