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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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Are you interested in vaping but don’t know which device to pick? Do you want to quit cigarettes but you’re having trouble finding a vape you like? Here at EightVape we know that the vaping world can seem a little intimidating and confusing. There’s built-in battery devices, squonk capable mods, replaceable battery kits, and more! If you don’t have experience with vaping it's hard to figure out which device is right for you.When choosing an electronic cigarette, size is one of the most important things to keep in mind. The weight and shape of an E-Cig plays a large role in buying your first vape device. E-Cigarettes come in all shapes and sizes so if you’re comfortable with carrying around on a large device on a regular basis then you’d probably enjoy a high-powered box mod kit. If you’re looking for something compact and portable then you’ll enjoy Pod and ultra-portable devices. Built-in battery kits provide users with an easy starting point to learn about their vaping preferences. With simple fire mechanisms and fewer setting options Built-in battery kits are simple to use straight from the box. Not to mention, the lack of removable batteries means you won’t need to buy an external charger! Simple plug your built-in battery device into a computer or USB charging port, wait for it to recharge, and you’re good to go.Other devices, such as pod and pen style vapes, can be smaller than the palm of your hand! These vape pods feature some of the same protections as the larger box mods, but fit comfortably in any pocket and provide a more cigarette-like vaping experience




Pod Vape devices are perfect for vaping on the go, with their tiny size and feather-light weight you’ll hardly even notice it’s in your pocket. Typically these devices utilize concentrated Salt Nicotine based E-Juice which, according to most users, provide a more accurate cigarette smoking sensation than traditional E-Liquids. If you’re trying to quit cigarettes then these are the perfect devices to assist you.


Box Mods are traditionally the most powerful devices on the market, providing a wide range of vaping options. Some of them are powered by built-in batteries which require recharging via a USB port. Other Box Mods are equipped with removable battery cells. Removable battery Box Mods allow for less downtime when your vape device runs out of charge because you can quickly swap in fresh batteries instead of waiting to recharge the device fully. These Box Mods often are equipped with Temperature Control capabilities to make vaping safer, allowing you to set a maximum temperature for the atomizer coil.



Vape tanks come in a variety of styles, ranging all the way from simple Sub-Ohm tanks that utilize prebuilt coils to complex rebuildable RTA’s that require extensive knowledge to build. Figuring out which one is best for you is a difficult choice for most beginners so we’ve broken them down to the basics in order to make things easy. Sub-Ohm Tanks are the most popular variety of vape tank available on the market today. These tanks are simple to operate and easy to maintain, often utilizing prebuilt coils that simply thread into your vape tank for a secure, leak-free fit. Most Sub-Ohm tanks come with a variety of coil options so you can customize your vaping experience. If you’re just beginning to vape then Sub-Ohm tanks are your best choice for easy maintenance and great vapor production. Some tanks, like RDAs and RTAs, are rebuildable which means that you personally install the coil types and cotton you prefer. RDAs and RTAs are not recommended for beginners due to the required knowledge that comes with designing and installing your own coils. However, one you begin to vape on a regular basis you’ll discover that building your own coils is much more cost effective than other tanks. RDA’s (Rebuildable Dripper Atomoziers) are popular among hardcore vapers that want to chase clouds and get the most flavor out of their E-Juice. These tanks often feature a large build deck, which is where you’ll install coils and wicks, and provide more customization options than any other style of tank. You can even make your own coils out of different materials like Kanthal and Titanium to run with Temperatur Control capable mods. With no internal container to hold E-Juice, you drip E-Liquid directly onto the wick of RDA’s hence the name, rebuildable dripper atomizer. If you’ve outpaced the capabilities of your standard Sub-Ohm tanks then it’s time to try an RDA. RDTA’s (Rebuildable Dripper Tank Atomizers) take all of the best features of an RDA and add a vape juice container into the mix. These rebuildable atomizers have the added benefit of a tank-style container so you can vape on the go without having to worry about bringing E-Liquid around with you. The added convenience of having a built-in vape juice tank makes RDTA’s an excellent choice if you like RDA’s but don’t want to worry about re-dripping your atomizer. Sub-Ohm tanks are the most popular variety