Smile Referral Program

Hello! 👋

Refer your friend & Get 20% OFF Your Next Order!

& Your Friend Gets 10% OFF Their Next Order!



So you want extra goodies huh!? It's simple with our new referral program.

Follow the steps below to be well on your way to getting 20% OFF your next order and helping your friend that you referred to get 10% OFF!


1. Simply refer your friend by sending them the Smile Program Referral Link (Visualization Below).



2. When your referral gets the URL and clicks on it, they will be prompted to enter their email address. Once the referral does this, they will get an email sent to them for their "Friend Reward".


3. Your friend will then be able to copy the coupon code and use it on their next order!


4. Once your friend (the referral) makes their first order, you will also get your 20% OFF reward!




  • Does the referral need to create an account?

Absolutely not! Even if they checkout as a guest, they will be able to use the code!

  • Do I get my 20% OFF coupon code right away?

Your referral needs to make a purchase before you can get your reward.

  • How can I get more rewards points?

Check out our Rewards Page for more information.

  • How many people can I refer?

Unlimited! Refer as many people as you can and take advantage of your rewards!