💥Find the fireworks!! We’re blasting 8% off of these products for you this Fourth of July! Solve the hints and search for your answer on EightVape.com.

If you find a firework💥, you got the answer right! 

1. Our founding fathers worked tirelessly to draft The Declaration Of Independence. There were probably many nights they were running on empty batteries… I’m sure there were times they wished they had a pack of two extra batteries to spare.

2. The revolution was the start of an all new nation! Uwell has recently released something all new themselves… is this new tank revolutionary as well?

3. Since 1776 the USA has grown! Your vape collection will grow tremendously too if you pick up some of Twist E-Liquids just released BIG new line!

4. Winning The Revolutionary War showed the world that the USA never runs out of power. When you own one of these, your batteries never run out of power either.

5. A true American will have a heart that beats red, white, and blue. You might say that being a patriot is in their DNA…

6. Fourth of July lights up the night sky, and so does this mod with bright color changing light displays!

7. American’s pack quite a punch wouldn’t you say? The rest of the world better get some… Ice

8. God bless the great US. Where we are rich with history, and live in splendor and Luxe-ury.


Good Luck!

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