The Highly Reliable Sigelei Kaos



The Highly Reliable Sigelei Kaos

By Khrysse Ferraro 

A year and a half or so ago, I purchased the Sigelei Kaos 230 Watt Regulated Box mod. It has been my primary mod over that time because time and time again, it has just simply worked when I needed it to.

I am usually very careful with my mods, but I have to admit that this mod has taken quite a few hard hits, but is still going strong! I have the grey version, and the paint seems to be staying free of chips and scratches compared to other mods I have used or purchased.

Even where an atomizer would sit and screw on, I do not have circular scratching! As an added plus, it features a light up led front that is customizable by color and when the light should be on verses off. The only thing in terms of appearance and durability that I did not like was the fake leather piece on the reverse side. At first, it was a very nice looking touch, but over time the glue has let up. Personally, I think a stronger glue should have been used or maybe not been included.

As for performance, I typically only used the standard features. I haven’t used the temperature controls too much. The mod is simple to use and is the perfect weight and size to fit in my hand. It feels solid. The spring loaded 510 connector is an added plus. I regularly clean my connections and this mod is a breeze to clean because of the spring. It makes it a lot easier when using atomizers that vary how far the 510 pin sticks out. The mod goes up to 230 watts, but I have honestly never attempted firing it that hot.

The mod is powered by dual 18650 batteries, which is fairly standard and I am satisfied with.  Although I do prefer to charge my batteries externally, charging through the mod is possible in a pinch via the included charging cable. When the device is powered on, you can see how charged each battery is, which is nice to see if they drain evenly or not.

Though I did notice one side regularly drains the battery down faster than the other, it is subtle and can be resolved by simply rotating that batteries in the mod with every few charges as recommended anyways. As for the battery door, I would have liked to have seen a different design. While it is okay, I think it would have been better if you didn’t have to slide it.

I like to build my own coils a lot, so making sure the device reads and fires accurately is important. Luckily, the device is usually spot on in comparison to my ohm reader.

Overall, I am very satisfied with this product, have recommended it highly to my friends, and am considering purchasing another when the time finally comes to retire the original. It is the perfect size and weight to carry around while running errands and while sitting at home.

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