The Brilliant Taste Of Kilo White Series: Marshmallow Crisp


The Brilliant Taste Of Kilo White Series: Marshmallow Crisp 


By Elizabeth Shapiro

I would definitely give the Kilo White Series Marshmallow Crisp vape juice
5 stars! It tastes like your mom's rice crispy treat with a slight creamy buttery taste. It's not overwhelming in 3mg but at 6mg depending on your smoke device, mine of choice is Smok Prince Stick.
You can adjust airflow to get how much flavor you want to taste. But if I use my Priv One I really get a nice taste. My local store sold me it for almost double than this site and even bought me more to keep in stock because I love this so much! If you want a sweet creamy taste tbis is for you.
You get more taste on the inhale than you do on the exhale. I hope this review helps someone. This site by far has the best price and quality on the net!  
Thanks for having my fix!!

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