The Basium by Dovpo Is Phenomenal


The Basium by The Vaping biker and Dovpo

By Michael Lazarus

The Basium by The Vaping Biker and Dovpo is a fabulous tool. An 18 650 squonker mod that has the capability of doing a 180 Watts with 8 volts to work with and a .08 ohm limit. This mod is absolutely powerful without any reason to have 2 firmware update or charge your batteries inside the mod due to the fact the basium doesn't have a tc mode, which theoretically then there is no reason to have to adjust your board.


After vaping on this mod I have realized in VV mode at 5.2 volts  .2 1 ohms I am getting 125 watts and getting 8 hours of vaping time. The slide squonk on the bottom to pull your Swanky out is absolutely phenomenal and a great idea the paint holds up the mod itself is very strong and very easy to use I would absolutely buy another one and would look into this mod before I buy a rage squonk for double the price.


I know there was people that aren't happy that the 5:10 is not centered on The Mod however a 24/25 mm addy fits perfectly fine and me personally, I don't see the thrill in 30 and 40 mm addy's would definitely recommend this mod anybody looking to get into smoking because it's phenomenal.


Get The Basium by Dovpo and The Vaping Biker 

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