Tastes Just Like a Red White and Blue Pop!


Tastes Just Like a Red White and Blue Pop!

Rocket Pop from Propaganda's The Hype Collection tastes just like the old red, white, and blue bomb pops I ate every summer as a child! I love candy flavored vapes, but it's hard to find one that doesn't taste too sugary, chemically, or actually tastes like it's supposed to taste. I'm picky, and have a huge pile of e-liquids in my vape drawer that I'll never finish. Too many desserts from Zamplebox, disgusting candy and fruit vapes, and more mistakes.

This is not one of them. Rocket Pop is one of the best impulse purchases I've ever made. I actually found my two favorite liquids during eightvape's big summer holiday sale (I think it was the 4th of July sale) this year. I was looking for a great cotton candy, and found one from The Hype Collection that ended up being my all-time favorite vape ever. While I was there, I took advantage of the sale to try a few more from the same collection that sounded like they could be awesome, and got lucky with these two.

This is a close second favorite vape ever. It's a light, not too sweet, cherry lime blue raspberry flavor that is PERFECTLY mixed. None of the flavors overpower the other, which is exactly how I like it - it becomes something new and better rather than hitting you in the face with specific flavors that you've tried over and over with disappointment. Normally, any citrus flavoring seems to dominate a mix they are introduced into, but not with Rocket Pop. The flavoring is soft and mild with little to no throat hit (at 3mg). The sweetness is super light, and just sweet enough to enjoy for any candy and fruit lover.

The flavor starts out very light upon opening, but it strengthens slowly with steeping. I actually like the very mild flavor at first and am glad that it improves with a little time. A 100ml bottle usually lasts me about 4 weeks (I usually vape 4-5 different flavors through the day on my The Drop RDA), but this one was gone in just a week or two lol. I'm not sure how this would work out in a tank though. The lightness of flavor that I love so much might turn out to be too light in any other tank aside from an RTA.

I may give it a shot in my tank to see, but I usually use my overpowering, way-too-sweet liquids there as it tends to mellow them out just enough to enjoy. I've tried a few other brands that claim to have nailed the Bomb Pop flavor, but was disappointed... until now. Propaganda e-liquid has nailed it. If you love bomb pops or rocket pops, this one is for you. I definitely recommend giving it a try, then shaking the heck out of it and setting it aside for a week.

It'll come out of the dark as your new all day vape, trust me. I also recommend trying their Cotton Candy as it's the ONLY cotton candy that works (and I've tried 6-7 different ones that I hated until this one - that cotton candy is amazing).


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