Reviewing The One And Only Killer Kustard


Reviewing The One And Only Killer Kustard

ByAnthony Rogers

The OG, The one and only, Killer Kustard by Vapetasia. Ok so I haven't tried every custard out there but this was highly recommended to me by a few people on Facebook, and I am so glad I followed through with it.

About 5 years ago when my vaping journey had started, I was a die hard tobacco only vaper. After about a year of just vaping tobaccos, I branched out to cereals starting with Cuttwood Boss Reserve.

After switching from tobacco flavors and cereal flavors, I was told to try some custards and Killer Kustard, and Wow! The flavor is buttery smooth, and smacks you in the face with vanilla and cream. Every vaper should have this e liquid in their rotation, it's one of my top favorite adv!


Grab Some HERE

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