Red's Apple ICED Review


Red's Apple ICED Review

By Anthony Loh


Reds Apple Watermelon Iced 

Have you ever craved watermelon on a hot summer day, or ever just craved something sweet and fruity? Well, Red's Apple has created different flavors in their lineup, and watermelon on ice happens to be one of the most breath taking juices.

First off, the smell out the packaging is amazing. If you ever had a hubba bubba watermelon gum as a kid, then you would be a fan of this juice. Whatever you're using whether its a dripper or tank, the flavor is one of the best watermelon flavor I ever vaped. Red's Apple watermelon, or even iced, has been my go to juice for a perfect all day vape.

On the first inhale, you smell and taste the flavor of straight watermelon. Compared to other brands, the flavor isn't light or too heavy either. Red's has hit the flavor profile out the park. On exhale, the watermelon iced is a smooth exhale. The iced isn't over powering, and leaves you satisfied on the first hit. I know the vaping community gets odd looks when people see people vaping, but reds apple watermelon iced, has people smiling as they walk passed the smell of watermelon lingering in the air. I've had a few vapors ask me what juice I'm using, and many have thanked me for referring them to this flavor. Give it a shot, and be sure to thank Eightvape for stocking up on one of the best fruit flavors. 


Reds Apple Berries Iced

For all my fruit lovers, Reds Apple Berries Iced is another flavor that has been another one of my favorite fruity flavors. Reds Apple has combined blue raspberry, pomegranate, raspberry and has infused it with a hint of their original Apple E-Juice.

None of these fruits overpower one another. Its a perfect blend with an amazing smell as soon as you take it out the packaging. On the first inhale, you get a mouthwatering hit of a combination of berries that's not too overpowering where you feel grossed out. On exhale, you get a smooth iced taste that's not overwhelming.

The combination of berries and iced, is just perfect to be vaped all day. I use 3mg and its perfect although the nicotine feels light. The flavor isn't too light or heavy either, for those who may want a juice with flavor but not overpowering. I'd give this juice a solid 10, for flavor, quality and most importantly, for not gunking up the coil fast. 

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