Kilo Moo Series: Strawberry Milk Review


Kilo Moo Series: Strawberry Milk Review

By Anthony Rogers

First and foremost, I'm not a big fan of fruity liquids but wow! The perfect blend of strawberries and milk. A few other strawberry milk liquids I've tried had more of a milkshake flavor, not this though!

Flavor is always subjective but to me, it's pretty close to nestle strawberry milk. Even though I vape at a 6 mg, it is incredibly light as if I were vaping at a 3 or 0. The flavor is strong right off the bat and some flavors for me, seem to dissipate no matter the build I have. I would definitely recommend this for all the milk lovers out there.

It's really the perfect milk vape and definitely opened my eyes on new flavors. From the first rip off my RDA, the strawberry flows over your taste buds with a sweet, creamy milk on the exhale.

It's not overly sweet, unlike most liquids and its super light. The ratio for the vg and pg is pretty standard; 70/30. Overall, I give this a solid 5 stars. For the flavor, quantity, and quality, you can't beat it.

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