Horizontech Falcon Artisan Resin Tank Review



Horizontech Falcon Artisan Resin Tank Review

By Kristene Goboe

I'm so happy with this tank!! There's just 1 trick you'll need to know & this will become one of THE best sub ohm tanks on the scene. All you need to do after priming those absolutely gorgeous coil's (mesh coil's) that have such large open areas to prime this baby just suck's up the juice like a bounty paper towel!!!


But the most important part, when getting ready to fill this tank you must make sure you close the airslots & boom... prevent's ALL leaking messes!!! This tank has a way that delivers flavor of your E-Juice to a whole new level & as for cloud production it blows beautiful puffy huge clouds that tastes as good as it light's up every room you go in or out of!


So if you really love flavor & blowing the biggest most delicious scented cloud's, you want to pick yourself up a Falcon!!! I'd give this 5 (yes 5) stars! Everything about this tank is a plus!!!! Just remember to ALWAYS close the air vent's when filling as well as refilling & you'll have no complaints!! 

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