Drop Dead RDA: A Piece Of Art


Drop Dead RDA: A Piece Of Art

By Jared Collins


  • What It Has To Offer:

  • The Drop Dead RDA has a Drop style deck with 4 posts with update or downward facing post-holes and the pin screws to the side pointing inward to the deck; This type of deck is handy to build on because it allows for more room and bigger builds than normal standards and coils.

    The deck juice well is deep enough to hold over-dripped liquid and allows for more cotton to be pushed under the posts or coils. The Drop Dead RDA has a 2 o-ring design for keeping the top cap on the deck, with a single o-ring to keep the 810 drip tip on, this Drop Dead product includes an 810 to 510 drip tip adapter which also has a single o-ring for attachment.

    Drop Dead has been my main go to RDA for awhile now and I am completely in love with it, I can be bias for it at times but from an outside and new stand on RDAs in general I think it is a great first for anyone getting to building, even for a seasoned builder the Drop Dead is such a great product.

  • What I Personally Think:

  • What I think of the Drop Dead doesn’t matter as much as you may think, I’ve only had the Drop Dead for a little while now and so far I’ve enjoyed the experience, I would and will suggest it to anyone who hasn’t already bought it to go ahead and buy it or even buy it again as a backup. My opinion of the Drop Dead can extend far into the machining needed to make it and the quality control, mine came with zero mistakes and zero defects which boosts my thoughts about it.

    I think the Drop Dead is a great beginner RDA to start with or for an experienced builder to possibly end with, such great style and effectiveness. My thoughts on the subject is blurry in the sense I haven’t had much past history with RDAs specifically but I can say that my time with it has been worth the payment, far past it in honesty.

    I’m not much to do reviews of products I’ve bought in the past but this I can say I will buy again and review again any time of the day.

  • What You Should Expect:

  • There isn’t a whole lot to expect with this amazing piece of art except that it has amazing build quality, made with great materials, and includes everything you need to replace o-rings and pin screws to sqounk pins. This Drop Dead is so simple and amazing that it’s hard not to pick it up for the price, with the huge 810 drip tip and 510 capabilities this sure can pack any punch on any mod of your choosing.

    I hope my review has helped you in the consideration of buying this product, if you were considering to buy this product I hope you help EightVape and decide to buy it. Drop Dead is much more than the price, I highly suggest it.


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