Dead Rabbit SQ, Still Better As A Dripper?


Dead Rabbit SQ, Still Better As A Dripper?

The Hell Vape Dead Rabbit truly took the vaping world by storm. Even if you weren’t around actively vaping when it came out, you’ve likely heard of the Dead Rabbit somewhere in a shop, some blog online, or on some sort of sale. And for good reason! The ease of build, the flavor, and the simplicity behind the design is something all manufacturers should take note of. But how is it really as a single coil squonker?


The Bad

                Lets get the bad out of the way first, then we’ll talk about the good. Because there is quite a bit of good about this little RDA:

  • It leaks. Yup it leaks out of the base. Regardless of how dry the o-rings are when putting the top cap on, or how solid the squonk pin is, it leaks and forms a ring around the base of the 510. Very annoying.
  • The cap’s tabs are angled like a pyramid, so the RDA cap slips off the deck occasionally (minor annoyance, not really a con).
  • Very high coil placement that relies 100% on capillary action (more on this later).


The Good

                What is the bad without the good? There is far more good than bad. Heck the entire thing is really quite good. I had to really dig to find any actual cons. So the drip tip doesn’t count. There are really only 2 cons. But the Pros are fantastic!

  • Build quality! There are no burrs or sharp edges inside or out. I had issues with the air flow control at first but had no issues taking it apart
  • Flavor machine! This thing has terrific flavor.
  • Precise squonk juice delivery system. Its purely and simply great.
  • Easy build deck, quite forgiving. I’d completely suggest this as a first RDA


The Explanation

                Now for the good, and there is a good bit of this! We’ll stop at the top and work down. The drip tip is really quite nice! Although, its random but then again its random. If the color works, then great! If not its still very comfortable.

The top airflow adjustment cap is easy to manipulate to find the sweet spot for your airflow. Now, mine came with the AFC o-ring all out of sorts. As well as the o-Rings were missing. So I immediately contacted Hell Vape and they sent me 2 full parts boxes. Amazing customer service. It did come from China so the shipping was over 2 weeks but hey, it’s all good! Now it got a smooth but firm adjustment to it.

The barrel is well done and the black coating on mine is perfectly applied. The one thing I really do like about the all black version is that it is matte, but it has a slight sheen to it that is also quite smooth. Don’t think chalk board, think more dry erase board. Very nice. The airflow slots are cut perfectly and have no sharp edges. It’s a really nice thing to see.

The deck is stainless with one gold plated positive post that still uses the Dead Rabbit style ears, just with one set not two. Its really quite easy to install. Just pre clip your leads evenly but without too much worry, then drop it in. Pull them up a tad, glow and strum, then wick, drop juice over the coil, then vape. Done. Just like that. SUPER easy to put a coil in.

The squonk channels are on the sides that inject liquid directly into the base of the cotton for maximum efficiency despite the angle you’re holding it on. I really like this feature in a squonk RDA so that liquid can be evenly distributed. This unfortunately brings me to one of the cons. This RDA relies 100% on capillary action to bring juice up to the coils. I feel like I have to squonk more often and use more liquid to keep that coil wet. I use my Asmodus Spruzza with this RDA and 5 pump for ever 10-15 draws will do it. I know it doesn’t seem like a lot, but compared to the Wotofo Nudge, I would do a small squonk and get over 10 puffs out of it, then another small squonk. This appears to be due to the height of the coils that you have no say in. Perhaps the Drop Solo is better in this regard.

The other strange thing about the deck is that it leaks! I don’t know where it is coming from. I have a spring loaded 510, the squonk pin is fully inside, and the o-rings are not super loose on the deck. Yet I still get liquid on the underside of the deck on top of my 510. I think a small o-ring on the squonk pin would fix this. It hasn’t caused any issues also due to the small gasket on my 510, but its worth mentioning.

Now for the flavor. Its really quite good! I have built the coils a varying heights and I detect no hugve flavor loss. Now, I don’t put the coil so high that I'm worried about it touching the top cap. But its been higher and lower and all is good with super smooth airflow. At times when the wick is fully saturated it does have a slight whistle but that wouldn’t be present if the airflow was open all the way.



                Overall this is a really good RDA, the only major complaints I have is the leaking thing and solely reliant on capillary action of the cotton. But like I said, it doesn’t get past my 510 down into the rest of the mod. But that’s really it. As far as the capillary action goes, its not a total deal breaker but you do have to be more mindful of dry hits.


                This still begs the question, is the Dead Rabbit SQ a better squonker than a dripper? I would have to say no. I believe this shines as a single coil dripper. You can drip liquid directly onto the coil then it runs down the cotton and then gets pulled back up while vaping it. To test this I swapped the squonk pin for the solid one and frankly the entire experience was much better. I will continue to use this as a squonk RDA until I find the perfect squonking RDA, when that happens, I will be installing the solid pin and using it as a dripper.


Great device, fantastic quality, decent squonker. Just perhaps better as a dripper.



  • Posted on by Karim

    Dead rabbit sq rda I bought it a year ago and it’s leaking out of the base on my mod inside my power button now l lost squonkre like it not that much but if I fixe the leak I will use it?dont know where the leaking coming from base o ring o 510 anyway if someone let me know how to fix the rda? Thank you

  • Posted on by Bigbillsbargains

    Eight vape went from my favorite store to my worst store to shop at.they screwed me out of a bottle of juice and I have spent thousands of dollars with them over the years.they told me they are behind on shipments.i told them this is a shipment from dec 28th and I already receiveved an order that I placed on Jan 2nd so what gives.they have no customer service.the number they give you the mailbox is full and they won’t clear out the messages so you can leave one.i am currently sueing them for fraud

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