VooPoo Drag Nano Pod Review


VooPoo Drag Nano Pod Review

The Drag Nano is a new best selling pod device from VooPoo, but is it worth spending your vape bucks on? There’s been a huge outpouring of pod devices in the past year or so, but there’s only a few that are even worth looking at.

VooPoo has been a best selling brand for years, from their full sized drag mods to their proprietary GENE chips, so you can trust that they know what they’re doing. In this review we’ll take a look at the new Drag Nano and go into depth about what makes this a solid pod device.

The Looks 

If style is your main concern then you’re going to love the Drag Nano. It comes in a compact and sleek metal framed chassis designed with a high class look in mind. The polished metal frame perfectly compliments the high quality resin panels and gives this device an affluent look that sets it apart.

Want to match your outfit with your vape device? Not a problem! The VooPoo Drag is available in a wide variety of beautiful colors to compliment anything. Not to mention you can even attach a gold chain lanyard to it for a more baller look!

This device is draw activated, so there’s no fire buttons to clutter the frame. On the front of the frame you’ll find the handy LED light to indicate battery life. It’s a handy way to make sure your device is charged before leaving the house. 

How it Performs

The Drag Nano is built with a powerful 750mAh battery which is perfect for all day pod vaping. As far as cloud chasing goes, well this is a pod system so I didn’t expect much. But I’m surprised at how well the cloud production is on the Nano, especially given that it’s using a draw activated firing system!

With its compact size and powerful cloud production, the Nano is a perfect device for getting a quick nic fix on the go.

The Verdict

If you’re into vaping on the go you’ve got to check out the Drag Nano. It’s perfectly compact, works great with Salt Nic E-Liquids, and it doesn’t break the bank. There’s a massive variety of pod devices on the market, but I think the VooPoo Drag Nano is definitely one of the best draw-activated devices I’ve ever tested. 



  • Posted on by Tara Finklea
    Love it. Fires in my pocket. It’s so hard to find something too for in woman’s pockets that’s actually worth it. This pod is definitely worth it.
  • Posted on by Jordan

    Brian, you might be filling through the airflow port and not the fill port. With the Nano pods you have to pull the mouthpiece off of the pod in order to reveal the fill port on the side.

  • Posted on by Josh Neria

    So I just received my Drag Nano pod kit and I have to say I’m blown away its got juul, smoke, and any other pod brand I’ve tried so far it’s great and I highly recommend it!!

  • Posted on by Brian

    I’m having trouble filling the pods..every time I try to fill one it starts to leak out of the bottom. What am I doing wrong?? I followed the instructions on how to fill it but the same thing keeps happening!! Getting really frustrated!! Please help!!

  • Posted on by Whitney

    I paid for the vip prime and it’s not working. Can someone please help me?

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