VooPoo Drag: Looks and Preforms Wonderfully


Reviewing The VooPoo Drag

By Sami K
My name is Sami K. and here is my review for the VooPoo Drag. I have pasted it below and I will also attach the file just in case.
Many years ago I started vaping on one of the cheap CE4 portable systems. It was cool for the time… it was something different than normal. A little while after I was able to buy a cheap 40 watt mod from a friend who decided vaping wasn’t really for him and he wanted the money instead.


Once I sold that, I decided that it was time for a better mod, so I picked up the G-Priv 2. I tried the tank that came with it, it was good, but it wasn’t great. The TFV8 X-Baby had been one that was good performing, didn’t leak, but the coils just weren’t great, as Smok typically has that problem. I tried a few more mods, buying and selling them as I went to find the right box mod for me… but then I found it. It was the VooPoo Drag.

 The VooPoo drag was one I had seen pictures of and I really liked the way it looked. The way people talked about it made it seem like it was the best thing since sliced bread. And let me tell you, it’s close.

 There are many, many different options for the way you want it to look, there are different resin choices, the metal can come in different colors. There is a version for the box only, and there is an option for a whole kit that comes with a tank. I decided just to get the box and paired it with the Uwell Crown III, which is a great tank I will write a review for at some point in the future. One side of the mod has “DRAG” on it, and the other has the resin. Some don’t like the non-resin side, but honestly, I think it saying “DRAG” looks pretty good.

The VooPoo drag is a simple, easy to use piece of hardware that also has a lot to it. You can choose to simply just choose the wattage, or you can use temperature control that works with a variety of metals.

 A not seemingly well known feature of this box mod is the ability to connect it to a PC to be able to change even more details. A cool one is that you can change the theme of the device by making your own or even downloading one someone else has shared online. For example, my current one is Fallout themed and the theme applies to many parts of the device, such as power on and power off.

The device uses two 18650 batteries, so far I have used the VTC4, the VTC5, and most recently, the 30Q batteries. They all work well. The mod has a MicroUSB port that can be used for either connecting it to a computer or to charge it. For safety reasons though, it would be advised to use an external battery charger rather than charging through the port on the mod.

The VooPoo Drag mod uses the Gene chip, which is an incredible piece of vaping technology. One of the highlights of it is its ridiculously fast response time. Once the button is hit, the device fires in a small fraction of a second.

The device is pretty comfortable to hold. It is a little sharp on the edges, but it doesn’t feel bad, and honestly, the device would not look great without the sharper edges.

This is a great mod and I think it is my favorite one that I have tried so far. I would definitely recommend it someone, even a friend or family member. It looks and performs wonderfully and it is a great addition to a collection, whether it be a large collection, or your only regulated box mod.  

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