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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

The Incredible VooPoo Drag

Karina White

Posted on September 19 2018


The Incredible VooPoo Drag

By Jason Stacey


I will be reviewing The Voopoo Drag, I purchased the silver one with the rainbow resin insert. It is a good old fashioned box mod that does not compromise on its rugged looks and feel by literally cutting corners for a more ergonomic feel. Measuring 90mm x 54mm x 24mm, this is just a mid-size device, but its classic rectangular shape with the straight edges and corners make it feel a lot more girthy in the hand than it actually is.


So if want something that you can easily wrap your hand around when you are vaping, the VooPoo Drag may not be the ideal choice, but if you appreciate the classic box mod design, and the weighty, metallic feel of a powerful mod, than you will almost certainly like this vaporizer.


The VooPoo Drag has an anodized zinc alloy body which has been left unpainted for a raw metallic look. On one side of the device you have a resin insert that is visually pleasing and has held up perfectly, on the other side of the Drag, the one that also serves as a door for the dual-18650 battery compartment, we have the “DRAG” logo in giant font. It is not the most elegant way to brand a mod, but it fits in quite nicely with the straight forward design of the device.The battery door and compartment are both very well made.


The door sticks to the mod with the help of two fairly large magnets that do a very good job of keeping it from wobbling while it is in your hand, and has a layer of plastic insulating the inside to prevent the metal from coming in contact with the batteries. The two battery trays inside inside the mod are clearly marked to help users insert the batteries the right way, and the battery pins are spring loaded. And even if you somehow manage to ignore the markings and insert the batteries wrong, the Drag has reverse polarity protection, so you should be fine. The VooPoo Drags control panel has a classic layout, with the fire button sitting right above the central LCD display and two small adjustment buttons under it. Near the base, we have a micro-USB port that can be used for on-board battery charging and software updates.


The metallic buttons are very well made, they have that satisfying click when you press them, they do not rattle at all, and the large fire button has a bit of indentation which fits either your index finger or your thumb perfectly. The 510 connection sits flush on top of the mod, I wish the would have set it in the middle of the mod though and it stands out because of the shinier finish. It is screwed on to the device with two small screws and has firm spring-loaded pin made of gold-plated brass.


One nice thing I noticed is how deep the threading goes, and after testing various tanks and RDAs, I can confirm that everything sits perfectly flush on the VooPoo Drag. I was very impressed with the look and feel of the VooPoo Drag, this mod has held up to a lot of punishment.The metallic body is thick enough to give it a weighty feel without making it too cumbersome to hold, the buttons and battery door are nice and firm and the 510 connection is one of the best I’ve seen. 

So as always the big questions are:     

Will I keep using this mod? 

Without a doubt! It has been getting a ton of use from me already and I don't see myself parking it anytime soon.


Would I recommend this thing? 

Absolutely! Since I really have almost nothing to complain about, I would definitely give this thing two thumbs up. It is well made, the gene chip is amazing, it is affordable and packs a ton of features. Voodoo did a damn fine job on this one.


Get The VooPoo Drag HERE 


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