Vandy Vape Resin Pulse 80W BF Mod


Vandy Vape Resin Pulse 80W BF Mod

By Sasha S.

The Vandy Vape Pulse 80W mod is an excellent device at its price point, plain and simply. I have been using this device for a couple months now with absolutely no issues whatsoever. It is durable, reliable, safe, and accurate. Where this device really shines, is as a squonker mod. The squonk bottle holds a good amount of juice, and is in my opinion, the best squonk bottle of any device out there. I have never had any leaks with it, and filling/installing the bottle is super easy. It is hassle free and leak proof as far as I can tell. Something about this bottle just feels better than others. 

 The resin panels look just as good as they do in the pictures and there is a really satisfying/smooth feel to them. They lock in nicely and I have never experienced any rattling with the device. The magnets have also held up nicely and I don't see any issues with them in the near future.

The great thing is, you can always buy new panels if you want a new look for this device, rather than having to buy a completely new mod. The buttons on the mod feel nice and clicky. Even after quite a bit of use, they still feel firm and do not rattle at all. I was worried that the Nylon/Fiberglass material the mod is made of would not be durable, but my device still looks as good as the day I got it. I haven't had any dents, cracks, etc... despite dropping the device a few times. It seems like this material will hold up for quite a long time. With a battery inside, the weight of the device is perfect for me. 

As far as performance and the chip goes, I have found this device to be very accurate. The updates are an amazing feature and the chip is constantly being improved. I have found the resistance readings to be consistent and accurate. I mostly use this mod in wattage mode and have never felt like there was a drop/inconsistency in power. The firing speed is almost instant so I have no complaints about that. I have not tested the temperature control too much, but apparently these functions are being improved via updates. With the newest update, the device actually goes up to 90W max now, instead of 80W.

Battery life on this device really depends on your batteries and what wattage you vape at. I have tested both 18650's and 20700's in this device and they have both worked perfectly for me.

The adapter for 18650 batteries works like a charm, however, I do recommend using 20700 batteries for longevity and safety. I have also found that I get better battery life using 20700 batteries, however that is really up to the batteries you are using. Battery life is exactly as expected for a single battery mod. Single coil builds will give you a much longer battery life, but I use a Drop RDA dual coil build and the battery life is exactly as long as I expect it to be. 

All in all, this is a great, reliable device at its price point and works extremely well as a squonk mod. It goes great with both single and dual coil RDAs, however you will run through batteries faster with a dual coil. I recommend this device to anyone who is looking for a single-battery, light, reliable squonking mod to pair with an RDA. 

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