EightVape Feature: The Uwell Juice Bank


The Uwell Juice Bank

The Uwell Juice Bank is a high-quality stainless steel and quartz glass E-Liquid container that features a needle-nose tip and rare earth top cap magnet, perfect for holding your most precious E-Juice. The Juice Bank's heavy weight and 15mL reservoir confirms its superior design and compact size.

Perfect for holding regular and Nic Salt E-Juice and filling up any device that you have, the Juice Bank is the first product of its kind. 


The Juice Bank body is made from high-quality stainless steel and the transparent E-Juice window is made from quartz glass. Weighing in at 4oz, the Juice Bank features a compact size of 24mm x 100mm, fitting easily into a pocket or cup holder. 

The Uwell Juice Bank is available in 4 colors: Stainless Steel, Sapphire Blue, Jet Black, and Iridescent (Rainbow). 

The pump-action delivery system guarantees controlled filling, with 0.2mL of E-Juice rendered with every squirt. 

The top cap is held in place by a rare earth magnet. 

The base container may be unscrewed from the top cap for filling. 


The tactile quality of the Juice Bank is this item's most attractive feature. With a heavy weight, excellent magnet, and superior construction, this E-Liquid container will be one of your most coveted accessories.


The Uwell Juice Bank is available for purchase on EightVape.com. Use the discount code FEATURE to get 10% off. 


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