Top SMOK Pod 2019

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Top SMOK Pod 2019 

This year we’ve seen more new vape pods released than any other year in vaping’s history! With over 100 pod devices on the market already it can be hard to sort out the good from the bad, but that’s where I come in! I’ve been testing the latest products all year long but there’s only a handful of pods that really stood out to me.

There were a few contenders that got close to the top position, the RMP40 and the Fetch were both breakout products that changed how the vaping market looked at pod devices. Those two devices leaned more towards being mini-mods rather than powerful pods, and while I applaud their effort to make something new they failed to realize one of the most essential driving factors behind new product innovations, the lack of demand. This is reminiscent of the time Chevy came out with the SSR and everyone in the car industry was like “Cool truck, but why’d you make it?” and then it died after 2 years in production launched. 

Unlike those other devices, I think the top pick should be something that will stick around for a few years to come. The Nord takes all the best features of pod devices and puts them into one easy to use package. Not to mention it's available in over 30 unique and colorful designs so there's more color preference options than any other device on the market today. 

One of the first pod devices to include a mesh style coil, the Nord offers users several distinct coil options for different styles of vaping. Each coil is press to fit so no more messy screwing and unscrewing coil heads, just pull the old one out and press the new one in. Included in the Nord Kit’s is also the standard 1.4Ohm coil designed specifically to work better with high nicotine E-Liquids. These innovative coils feature a traditional coil structure and are recommended for first-time users to get a baseline feel for how the device operates. 

The Nord stands head and shoulders above other pod devices on the market with this fantastic mesh coil. With its 1100mAh battery the Nord can deliver a surprisingly large amount of vapor when utilizing the 0.6Ohm mesh coil. With the addition of a high-performance mesh coil, the Nord can double as both a pod device and a direct to lung vaping device, making it one of the most versatile pod vapes on the market today.

Out of all the SMOK devices I’ve tested lately it seems like the Nord is their best pod vape of 2019. 

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  • Posted on by William Altamura

    I have mixed emotions about the coils on this. Sometimes they’ll be great, I’ll love em. Others, their worst that garbage. I hate the waste s he purring them in.

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