Tips, Tricks and FAQ about Nectar Collectors


If you want to use a nectar collector, regardless of type, it's best to know how to use it. Not only do you want to learn it to use it as efficiently as you can but to know the small quirks of them. 

Tips, Tricks and FAQ about Nectar Collectors

How Does a Nectar Collector Work? 

A nectar collector operates in a very similar manner to the dab rig.

The end of the straw, which serves as the nail, is heated to a high temperature. Once the nail has reached your desired temperature, you then place this tip upon the concentrates.

This vaporizes the wax concentrates so that they can be inhaled through your device. Once your concentrates start vaporizing, you place your lips on the mouthpiece and inhale.

This brings the vapor through your device, through the percolator to cool, and to the mouthpiece where it enters your lungs. The only difference between a nectar collector and a dab rig is that the former is more compact and much easier to use. 

How To Use A Dab Straw Or Nectar Collector

How to Hold it?

Always hold your nectar collector from the middle chamber which is the main body. There are only three components to it. One of them is the tip which gets heated up and the other is the mouthpiece.

How to Clean it?

The cleaning process for a honey collector dab straw doesn't differ much from how you would normally clean any glass bong or nectar collector dab rig. Here's a step-by-step how-to on cleaning your cheap nectar collector properly:

1. Disassemble the honey collector and drain the water chamber. Give the externals and internals a good rinse with warm water.

2. For a more thorough cleaning, after rinsing the water collector, submerge it in hot water.

2.1 alcohol/salt solution. For better results use a sealable bag such as a Ziploc to hold the alcohol salt solution as well as the nectar collector. This will let you shake the entire bag giving a much quicker and more thorough cleaning.

3) Rinse and dry with water.

Filling it Up with Water

Filling a nectar collector up with water can be tricky depending on the specific unit. The best tip to remember is that you should tilt it before you pour the water in.

The water goes around the middle chamber often and pouring it down the middle can result in the water falling out.

How Long Does it Take to Heat Up the Tip

When you heat the tip right before you dip it, remember not to make the tip glowing red regardless if its titanium or quartz.

To be on the safe side, heat it up for about 20 seconds at about 2-4 inches away. Give it 10-15 seconds to cool down before you take a hit!

Make sure to use a comfortable butane torch because a simple lighter won't work.

You can also use a nectar collector e-nail which will give you a precise and  consistent heat every time. 

Do NOT dab it if the tip is glowing red hot.  Dabbing at high temperatures can be harmful. 

Seasoning the Tip

When you first get your nectar collector, always make sure you season the tip. That does involve a quick short process but it will definitely make the material much stronger and durable.

It's also useful to remove any chemical residue they used to make it. Running it through soap water and clean it before seasoning it.

You can taste the difference before and after too. Since seasoning the tip can help make the open pores close up, it will be super smooth and easier to clean.

How to Season Your Tip

  1. Use something to grab your tip
  2. Use a torch to heat it up for a solid minute or two. 
  3. Drop the hot tip in cold ice water.
  4. Remove the tip after 5 minutes, dry it off and get it to room temperature. 

It's ready for use now!

Taking the Perfect Hit

Many dabbers want to heat up their torch and point it directly on wax like its a carving tool. Although it's often referred to a carving tool, it's better to quickly dip and sip rather than hold it on the wax.

Remember to not dig into your silicone with the tip. Gently dab it off the top of the wax.

  1. Heat it up for about 20 seconds while holding it about 3 inches away.
  2. Let it cool down for 10 seconds
  3. Inset the tip onto your wax for 2-3 seconds and gently let go.
  4. If you want another hit, go ahead and rip into it again.
  5. You will need to re-heat it at this point for another hit. 

Connecting the Different Components

Always make sure the pieces are snug within each other. It's always best to use a keck clip to make sure the different parts are stuck together. A keck clip is a 3/4 circle plastic clip that gets over two glass pieces to make sure they have a tight hold.

Parts are Stuck?

Good thick glass can cause the different parts of a dab straw to connect to each really well. It also has to do with the rapid heating and cooling of the entire device.

Usually a solid pull up then down will do the trick. If this doesn't work and you don't want to risk breaking it by pulling too hard, put it in hot water for a minute.

This will make it easier to pull apart.

Are Silicone Pads Safe to Dab From?

Yes, silicone pads are safe to dab from because of the high flash point (the point they start to smoke or create vapor). It's also best to remember that you want to quickly heat it and let off.

Don't keep your tip on the pad for a while.

Do Nectar Collectors Waste Dabs?

One of the best parts about dabbing with a nectar collector is you smoke what you heat up. Although other dabbing accessories can lose concentrates in the midst of heating it, these won't.

Electric dab rigs can continuous heat up at a really high temperature which will evaporate some of the wax. The tip of the nectar collector can get really hot but starting cooling down as soon as you take the torch away and start inhaling.

This will help clear everything up in the dish container. 

Can you Dab Reclaim?

Absolutely! Over time, your honey dab straw will collect reclaim (concentrate residue) along the body/chamber of it. You can heat up the portion of the body where the reclaim is.

Some people try to smoke what turns into smoke but you can also let it leak out the mouthpiece. If you collect enough, you can dab that again.

Why Does My Nectar Collector Taste Burnt?

Make sure not to heat the tip up too much or else it will taste burnt. If it starts glowing red hot, that means it's starting to get to hot. This can have an awful burnt taste when you smoke.

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