TFV12 Cloud Beast King Review



TFV12 Cloud Beast King Review

By Dakota Mills


The TFV12 is a great tank for starters. It has received a lot of praise, but also a lot of negative reviews. Starting with the positive, this tank as the name implies is a beast. Each coil has a broad heating range, though it’s recommended by some (myself included) to keep within the recommended wattage range instead of what it can be fired at. The standard edition comes with 3 coils, replacement o-rings, a 510 drip tip adapter, and as always, a manual. There’s also an RBA edition, though I haven’t had the chance to mess around with that just yet, I have however heard positive things from co-workers and friends, who often tell me to use the RBA over the premade coils.

The tank has a decent juice capacity, 5ml if I’m not mistaken. The nicotine delivery is pretty good as well, it hits a little harder than my previous tanks, even when vaping at 90 watts compared to my usual 120. On the con side this tank runs slim over the benefits I see. Most tanks I’ve had in the past have leaked due to various issues, most of the time being a faulty coil, but I could at least leave my airflow open. Though it could just be the kit I received, my experience has been that this one has leaked through the coils a decent bit more. It seems this has been somewhat of a problem with Smok brand products, I’ve had it happen with Smok in the past, but for me the fix has been easy enough, a closed airflow when not vaping, and when filling the tank.

The coils have a good lifespan to them, I ran the t12 coil ragged trying to learn the ins and outs of keeping this particular tank in shape, but the coil still hasn’t burned up on me. By now I’m usually on my 3rd or 4th coil, but I’m only on my second, and that was simply because the power rating was a little lower. For me, the cloud output on these coils at 90 watts is phenomenal, and the flavor retains very well on exhale. On the inhale the flavors are spot on. Before this tank I used an IJOY Maxo V12, which has been a huge comparison point to the TFV12. From using them both I can say the Maxo is good, but doesn’t hold a candle here.

To top it all off, a recap. Points that pro this tank for me: The flavors in this tank hold up well, and the coils have a decent life if used properly. I left it sitting after putting a sweet juice in the tank (started off yellow, ended up being a light brown) and it didn’t send my coil beyond the point of return, I could pop it back in any time. The nicotine delivery is great, if 3mg is usually a good vaping point for you, I’d keep it there. In the past I’d occasionally jump to six, but not in this tank. This tank put out good clouds, without having to ramp up the power too highly. The major thing that puts this tank on the con list: It leaks through the coils, which could easily be user error. I started with rebuildables, so I’m still learning proper etiquette with premades. Even so, my easy fix has been closing the airflow when I’m not hitting it.


  • Posted on by Luke Chennette

    I had to pick express shipping because my order was over $50 and it took about a week to say that the order was in. Now it still isn’t where it says it is and I’m out $80 and still need my stuff. I’m very frustrated and looking for a way to get my money back.

  • Posted on by Alexander

    I’m using the dual mesh coil Currently and by far it’s the best prince coil I’ve used. Amazing flavor and it’s lasted 2 solid week’s so far without any issues.fixed the leaking issue aswell, as I had that with the single barrel coils.

  • Posted on by Jeff Locke

    I have discovered that if you preprime the coils overnight for the TFV12, inside and out when turn just coil upside overnight. I get no leaking through the coils and no liquid hits in the mouth. Even works with the T12 and T14 coils

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