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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

SMOK Novo 2 Review, a SMOK Upgrade to Pod Vaping Technology

Jordan Premonics

Posted on July 24 2019

SMOK Novo 2 Review, a SMOK Upgrade to Pod Vaping

SMOK recently released an updated version of one of their compact pod devices, but is it worth the updated price? I’ve had my hands on the Novo 2 for a week or so and now that I’ve put it through its paces it’s time for another in depth pod review! If you’re looking for a new pod device let me tell you why the Novo 2 should be at the top of your list. 

Novo vs Novo 2

The Looks

When the first Novo came out SMOK was still on their “cobra” pattern design kick. There was a period of around a year or so there where pretty much every single new design from SMOK was covered in a lattice pattern. I understand the need for a unified brand design, but if I’m being honest I was really starting to get tired of that look. 

Novo 2 Rainbow

That’s why I’m so happy to see the return of resin! The new Novo 2 Pods offer users the choice between 7 chic colored resin patterns along with a very cool Pollock-esque 7 color splatter design. Not to mention the metal alloy frame is now color matched to the individual resin designs! This new pod device is almost exactly the same size as the original Novo so it's perfect for vaping on the go. With the added benefit of draw activated firing there's no buttons to be seen on the device, just a small LED light to display battery life during operation.  

Novo 2 Blue


How it Works

The Novo 2 is one of the best performing pod devices I’ve had the pleasure of testing. It’s built with the same fantastic coils you’ll find on the Nord and the Trinity Alpha, as well as a few new coils updated specifically for the Novo 2. It seems like SMOK is really getting ahead of the curve on the pod device market and releasing a wide variety of coils to appeal to every vaper. From the 0.8Ω pods up to the 1.5Ω pods there’s something for everyone, they even introduced a new DUAL COIL 1.4Ω pod. Not to mention there’s also talk of a Quartz coil pod for CBD infused juice and concentrates! 

Novo 2 Power

No need to worry about the battery life either, the new Novo 2 is built with an upgraded 800mAh internal battery. With 800mAh of vaping power this device has enough battery life to last all day, even for you veteran pod vapers out there. Not to mention it comes with an ironclad 12 month warranty guarantee! Name me another vape company out there with that much confidence in their product line. 

Novo 2 Warranty


The Verdict

If you’re looking for a new pod device I think the Novo 2  is a perfect buy for new vapers and veterans alike. With it’s 2mL pod capacity, massive 800mAh internal battery, and pod coils designed to work well with nic salt you’d be hard pressed to find a more sturdy pod device. Just in case that doesn’t satisfy you, don’t forget it also comes with a 12 month warranty! What more do you need!?


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  • Katie Liner: November 02, 2019

    This is a reply to Dave from the below comments…
    Actually, the Novo 2 has NONE of those issues. I get excellent flavor, vapor production, & pod life from both the 1.4 ohm DC MTL pod and the 1.0 ohm mesh pod. Personally, I prefer the 1.4 ohm bc I think it gets better flavor but that’s just me. I’ve been using the Novo 2 since mid September 2019 & I haven’t had any issues with spitback or leaking. I loved the first one I got so much that I got a 2nd one so I could have 2 flavors going at once without having to always switch out the pods. Neither device has auto-fired either. So I get why you thought that the Novo 2 was gonna be garbage. Smok had a bad rep for a while for putting out shitty products but they really seem to be listening to customer complaints & are working on fixing issues with previous devices.

  • Lawrence : September 17, 2019

    Just an observation.
    On the video above on the Novo 2 it looks like there’s and image of Jesus with his head pointing slightly downwards.

  • Tapntune : August 08, 2019

    I got the novo 2 and voopoo finic 20 pen and the novo 2 is way better than the voopoop pen. Better hit and way less leaking and not going off in my pocket

  • Damon: July 31, 2019

    More important thing for me, the USB cable is longer than the first Novo lol!

  • Justin: July 31, 2019

    Thanks JP you rock

  • Jordan : July 25, 2019

    @Kole I just spoke to our people in purchasing and it looks like these Novo 2 kits should be here before the end of next week!

  • Kole: July 24, 2019

    When’s the release date for the Novo 2?

  • Jordan: July 24, 2019

    @Terry Torbert Pretty much all pod devices work using something called Salt Nic E-Liquid. It’s similar to vape juice but made with a more concentrated nicotine base so you get a more satisfying throat hit while still taking in less vapor. As an example, many of the salt nicotine juices we carry sit around the 24mg to 50mg level. I’ve found that, while I’m vaping much less vapor with a pod system I’m still getting the same feeling as chain vaping a sub-ohm after just a few short puffs.

  • Dave : July 24, 2019

    That was the worst review I’ve ever read in my life by far. All you said was 800 battery… smok sucks. I’ll bet the novo2 leaks, spits and auto-fires just like the original. Couldn’t address any of that in your review? Oh wait…you’re paid by Smok I forgot. Gimme my 38 seconds back.

  • Cloudyvapist: July 24, 2019

    Limelight mechanics.. lifetime warranty among many others that offer similar customer service, but for Chinese junk, any guarantee is pretty decent.

  • Terry Torbert: July 24, 2019

    I’m thinking about getting my first pod vape. Problem is I’m not sure it would be satisfying given that I vape between 65 – 70 watts. Questions : Do I increase the mic level since I will be getting less vapor? If so, what should I go up to since I ‘m using 6 mic now? How long do coils last? Are they easy to find? Etc. etc.

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