What We All Need In Our Vaping Arsenal


What We All Need In Our Vaping Arsenal

In which I help you find all the bits and pieces you need on hand... and realize how much I kind of suck at vaping.

What We All Need In Our Vape Arsenal Milkman


With our coolest giveaway yet inspiring us all in the EightVape community to amp up our vape arsenal we here at The EightVape Headquarters are starting to consider what we all need to beef up our setups. You don’t always need a dope Milkman Fridge… but it helps. Sometimes you just need the basics.

So we’re here to get you started. You can use this as a checklist to make sure your vaping arsenal is up to date. Or you can use it as a shopping list to really get your vape stash pumped up and better than ever.


#1: Odds and Ends

First off, really make sure you make use of everything that came in your kit. This means making sure you didn’t toss out your spare O rings, your drip tip covers, extra glass, coils, and user manuals. Yes we know you probably didn’t read them in the first place but when it comes time for trouble shooting that’s always the best first place to look.

If you were a little hasty and tossed the box before hand, EightVape sells all sorts of odds and ends in our accessories  page. I've set up my kit and then in the excitement tossed stoppers or O rings in the trash and regretted it. I just thought they were those little silicone packets... don't judge me.

#2: Power!

Whether you have a built in battery or you purchased separate batteries for your device, you’re gonna need power. For your built in battery devices, keep your Micro USB chargers handy. Most kits always include one, so you may even have a few of these if you like to purchase different devices for different needs.

If you purchased your batteries separate, it's always a good idea to have more than one, as well as a separate battery charger in addition to your Micro USB to recharge the current battery you’re using.

18650 batteriesbattery charger

I cannot tell you how many times I have had a dead vape, thought I had a fully charged spare battery, popped it in, and found out I’m up sh***’s creek. It’s not a good feeling. A smart vaper is a prepared vaper. Be the boy scout your vaping device deserves and always be prepared. Keep your batteries charged!

#3: Coils

Everyone burns through (pun intended) coils differently. Some can go a month, others a week and a half. But no matter what, it’s just always good to have some on you, at least one.

nunchaku coils

I over primed a brand new coil and completely jacked it up. I was stuck having to try to use it for a few days until I got my hands on a new one. I was in spit back hell, and have now learned my lesson that you should always have an extra in case of emergency dumbness like over priming, or when you pull it out too aggressively and it goes flying into the abyss that is under your couch… which I’ve also done. And if you build your own coils, cotton, wires, and tools of all kinds are a must have.

#4: Swag!

You don’t always need swag like t-shirts, build mats, or license plate frames, but they’re fun. What’s better though is swag with a purpose. Like the EightVape polishing towel.

eight vape micro fiber polishing towel

If you have a shiny mod you like to keep pristine and glowing (like I do) then the polishing towel is great for daily wiping or if you have a habit of leaking juice during your refill (like I do).

We’ve all done it, this one can’t be just me.

#5: Glass, Glass Glass!!!

No joke, on Friday I was leaving work to head straight to California from Las Vegas, Nevada. In the bathroom on my way out, my vape slipped from my pocket and landed on the tile, shattering the glass (and cutting up my nervous fingers as I swept it all up before anyone saw what I screw up I am).

Thank the god resting on vape clouds above us I had a spare glass in my backpack! I fixed it at work and then was on my way. Alas, I kid you not, at a party, the very next day, on Saturday... I dropped it again. I was left with a naked tank. So that was a long drive home.

spare tank glass

I ordered a new glass on EightVape and it was at my house by Monday. But boy did I feel dumb. I now have two new replacement glasses for my tank as well as a bumper around it that I will no longer be removing for aesthetic purposes… safety first! Buckle up your tanks fellow clumsy people! You need extra glass and bumpers in your vaping arsenal for sure.

glass bumper for vape pen

#6: Goes Without Saying But... Juice

It may sound obvious but you need extra E-Liquids or you will have a sad vape life. In addition to just having juice at all, it’s good to have a variety of flavors. Even if you’re just into fruit flavors, have a couple of different fruits available. Like apple and strawberry, or a menthol fruit, or fruit smoothie, or fruit candy, sour fruit, fruit combos, fruit you've never tried like a huckleberry!! Anything to mix it up when you start to grow bored or a little taste blind to what you've been vaping on all month.

charlie's chalk dust panchamama

In addition to juice, if you like to buy in bulk with 100ml to 120ml bottles go ahead and do yourself a favor and buy a smaller sized chubby gorilla plastic bottle. These are good not just for us klutzes who may need to replace a glass bottle with a safer plastic one, but for those on the go who don’t need to lug around 120ml of Bad Drip Don't Car Bear.

30ml plastic chubby gorilla bottlebad drip don't care bare vape juice 120ml

If you have a pod device be sure to always have some extra pods in case you lose one or run out.

myle pods tropical mango

So let’s see replacement glass, chargers, batteries, battery chargers, swag towel, juice, bottles, coils, what else?

Oh yeah, some extra cash in your bank is always a sign of a smart vaper. EightVape does not want you to leave that part out of your vaping arsenal. We want it filled with the best deals on the best products you can find. We hope we were able to save you a bit of fun money, while giving you all that you need!

Not to mention if something goes wrong (which if you're me, that's a high probability) it's good to know EightVape's got your back.

save money

peaceVape safe everyone!peace


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    Idk….call them?

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    Same thing has been happening to me as well! Leaving a ticket & it goes unanswered for sometimes 2 week’s or longer, now I just put a new one in 8/3/18 let’s see how long this take’s for a response!! Don’t get me wrong, I am a complete 8vape addict but please answer my ticket when i put 1 in??

  • Posted on by Bruno

    Can anyone help me? I send a request on costumer support center but till now, no one helps :(

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