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EightVape's Milkman Fridge Giveaway

Where do you keep your vape juice? On a bookshelf? Maybe on a nightstand or a dresser? Believe me, I know how it goes. 

If you've got more than a couple E-Juices, it can be difficult to find somewhere nice to keep your collection. You want to stay organized. You want to take pride in your store, but every time you walk into your bedroom or living room, you can see all of your E-Juices sitting disordered and messy.

Don't you wish there was somewhere better to keep your vape juice? Somewhere more discreet? Somewhere more appropriate? Somewhere more... cool? 

Well starting today and going on to next Friday, 7/20/18, we will be giving out three brand new, Tiffany Blue Vape Juice Milkman Fridges. 

Check it out:



These guys are cool. 

Styled, vintage-inspired body with classic Milkman stenciling on the door and side panel, and unique stainless 50's handle and hinges. Balanced bottom stubs and rounded top front for added authenticity. Incognito top handle for convenient toting makes carrying a breeze. 

Not only do these safes look good, but they work great, too. Inside you'll find a high-quality, removable shelf that can be used to hold up your E-Juices, or you can remove the shelf to store your larger juices and mods straight up. 

*slaps roof* this bad boy can fit so many f***** juices in it. 

You can find our Milkman Fridge giveaways on Facebook and Instagram. Just click to be directed. Make sure to follow all the rules of the giveaway so you can take home one of these beautiful safes! If you don't follow us on social media, make sure to check us out! 

*Milkman fridge does not cool or freeze contents. 




  • Posted on by Monte Marino

    this is really cool! would love to have one of these!

  • Posted on by Giuseppe

    This right here will be the starting point to collect juices just for show. Please!!! I need this!!

  • Posted on by Kristen

    This has to be the cutest thing ever!!

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