We Vape, We Vote! November 9th UVA Rally


PSA Nov 9th Vape Rally!

If you’re a Vaper near Washington D.C. then you NEED TO READ THIS!

We need your help to fight back against illegal bans and corporate lobbying this November.

On November 9th Washington D.C. is going to have one of the most important rallies in the history of vaping, a rally to show the world that we Vapers aren’t going to take the cigarette lobbyists and local governments actions against vaping laying down.

The rally itself is being hosted by the United Vapers Alliance, an activist organization geared towards preventing various government bodies from shutting down the E-Cig industry. Vapers will be gathering at the Ellipse park in D.C. right in front of the White House to show the politicians just how many votes we vapers are worth. 

If you weren’t already aware, the reason behind all these bans happening now is entirely financial and political. Back in the late 90s state governments agreed to stop suing the tobacco industry to recoup medical expenses for cancer patients in their state. According to this agreement the states are paid hundreds of millions and sometimes billions of dollars annually by the tobacco industry, the amount of money paid is BASED ON CIGARETTE SALES IN THEIR STATE. Now that the tobacco industry is losing sales to vaping, state governments are losing out on that payout money as well. Basically, it’s in your state governments FINANCIAL INTEREST to keep its population addicted to smoking cigarettes. 

So when illegal THC vape cartridges started killing vapers, those politicians chomped at the bits to ban vaping entirely. Even though there hasn’t been a single verifiable case of nicotine only E-Liquid causing any harm. 

They’re using the deaths of THC cartridge smokers as a scapegoat to ban an entire industry because it hurts their financial bottom line. 

There are over 13 million vapers in this country, more than enough to vote out those politicians who care more about lost revenue than their citizen’s health. Moral shame and common sense no longer have weight in politics, or at least, not as much weight as gold and silver. Now some politicians are hiding behind “the children” or “the health concerns” but if this was truly a health issue they would have shut down cigarette companies whose products contribute to 400,000 deaths every year.

If you enjoy vaping, if you don’t want to be forced to vape only 1 or 2 flavors, and if you value your personal freedom, please join the rally in D.C. and let our voices be heard!

I am, unfortunately, unable to attend this rally, but we’re going to be donating 1$ for every sale made on Nov 9th to UVA.

More info available at  https://unitedvapersalliance.org/


  • Posted on by Tim Wentford

    Couldn’t you just not vape and then the laws wouldn’t be a problem?

  • Posted on by TERRIE Lowe

    I am unable to attend the rally, but I am totally against the ban. My brother is attending for all of us he is a vape shop owner and is fighting to stay open and support the ban.

  • Posted on by Andrew

    I have signed the petition against this, and new york barely won. I hope you guys kick some ass politically down there. its a shame that no one medically will stick up due to the power of what money can do… I have been cigg free for 7+ and counting due to vaping. NO CIGG PLEASE. i hope this helps your fight..

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