Vapefly Brunhilde RTA Review, The Best RTA Ever Made?

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I’ve been vaping for over 5 years now and the prospect of building an RTA is still dismissible to me. In all those years of testing devices I never found an RTA that functioned as well as regular Sub-Ohm tanks or standard RDA’s. Until now! Recently I got to try my hand at using one of the most advanced tanks I’ve ever tested, the Vapefly Brunhilde, and I am astonished at how good this tank is. 

Here’s a full in-depth review of the best RTA I’ve ever had the pleasure of testing.

The Design

The first thing you’ll notice about the Brunhilde is its size, I mean this thing is absolutely huuuuuge. Measuring a chonky 65.5mm (2.6") tall by 25.2mm wide, this is not a tank that’s built to be subtle, its built to WORK! Designed by a team of German engineers, the Brunhilde is made up of 3 major sections. A top cap/chimney section, the build deck, and the tank. The second thing you’ll notice is its fantastic looks! The Brunhilde is built with a gorgeous protective cage, designed to prevent the tank glass from cracking, and features winged helmet logos on either side. The chassis of the tank itself is made from durable stainless steel so it should be able to withstand a decent amount of punishment.


The top cap/chimney section comprises of the removable section on top of the build deck. This holds the 8mm wide bore drip tip and is also perforated with air holes. A small internal metal piece rotates with the top cap separate from the perforated chimney so you can adjust airflow to your preference. The top cap section features a ridged design close to the drip tip which helps dissipate heat and keep the drip tip cool.

The build deck is fairly standard, featuring a dual raised post design with 4 allen screw terminal ports. The juice well is deep and provides plenty of room for excess wick to soak up Eliquid from the tank section. This RTA is designed specifically for dual coil builds and features a perforated metal section in the center of the build deck to improve airflow through the coils.


Inside the tank, you’ll notice there’s 4 braided stainless steel wires poking up from the bottom of the build deck. These run from the bottom of the tank section up into the build deck and function as a passive juice dripping system. Due to the nature of these wire’s construction they’re able to pull Eliquid from the tank section up into the cotton wicks, even while the tank is upright.    

How It Works

This is hands down the best RTA I’ve ever used by a long shot. The high tech German engineering that went into the Brunhilde is absolutely outstanding. I’ve been using this tank for several weeks and so far the only issue I’ve had is a slight leak if I leave it on its side overnight.

Even that could be attributed to poor wicking on my end. The amount of sheer airflow that you get through this tank is incredible, if you're a cloud chaser you'll definitely want to check this tank out! I wholly believe that this device will outperform every other RTA on the market now and for several years to come. 

Thanks to its massive 8ml max Ejuice capacity the Brunhilde can last for days in between refills. It also features a dedicated refilling port so you don't have to take it apart to fill the tank section. Unlike other RTA’s I’ve tried, this tank does a fantastic job of keeping the wicks saturated. Obviously, since its an RTA, you can’t really chain vape if you’re trying to pull big clouds, but I noticed wayyy less dry hits with the Brunhilde than I have with other devices in the past.


Overall, I’d say if you’re interested in rebuildable tanks but you like the convenience of large sub-ohm tanks, the Brunhilde RTA has the best features of both worlds! I used to have a Freemax Mesh Pro as my daily vaping tank, but ever since I started testing the Brunhilde I haven’t gone back to it. For someone who’s never been a fan of RTA’s in the past, that's saying something! 

What do you think of the Brunhilde RTA? Do you like the design? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

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  • Posted on by Kelly W

    I really like the way this RTA looks! It definitely commands attention. I have not yet ventured into rebuildables, but have been advised to start with an RTA or RDTA. I like the way the coils sit in the Brunhilde, and after reading this blog I have put it at the top of my Must Try list. Great job!

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