Uwell Kalmia Preview



Kalmia by Uwell is designed with an elegant body and a smooth draw, its charming looks and its stable performance makes it an astonishing companion on your everyday life.

Eye Catcher

Kalmia comes in six different colors, the body has a metallic and silky look that instantly attracts the eyes. "Innoc White, Calm Cyan, Gentle Pink, Youthful Green Misty Black, Serene Blue".

Lips' Pleaser, Hand Soother 

Kalmia has a drip tip that fits the user's lips, like a missing puzzle that was finally found. Kalmia has a patented Pro Focs technology that provides an internal sensor that detects each inhaling action precisely. And let's not forget about its smoothness and round corners that makes this pod system an honor to hold at the palm of your hands.


The facts are, Kalmia is elegant, soothing and very enjoyable, but how does it work, besides the looks, the smoothness and the drip tip, what makes Kalmia an unforgettable experience? Could it be its solid magnetic connection that makes every insertion and removal of the pod effortless? Or how about its vibration alert that vibrates every time the voltage is low, it needs charge or the pod is properly inserted? And how about its type-C fast charging port? All of these are definitely assets to the unforgettable experience, but let me also add that the battery capacity is of 400mAh, its liquid capacity is of 1.6ml, its size is L:20 mm×W:10.8mm×H:109mm and it only weights 24.5g. the Kalmia by Uwell is not just pleasant to the eyes and the touch, but is elegantly put together and it brings you that lasting experience you want in a pod system.


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