Vladdin RE Pod Vaporizer Review


A Review of the Vladdin RE

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If you’re in the market for a new pod vaporizer you’re going to want to check out the Vladdin RE. Vladdin has really outdone themselves with this latest pod device, featuring a surprisingly long lasting 1500mAh battery, the Vladdin can last through a whole day of salt nic vaping with ease. Even if it doesn’t, the Vladdin RE goes from low power to full charge with less than an hour of charging time!

Not to mention the futuristic look of this device, I really enjoy the tapered oval shape of the Vladdin RE. It feels sleek and smooth in your hand and often times I found myself gripping it between my fingers like a regular cigarette. This is a big plus for me, with pod based devices I always prefer a thinner body but the rounded design of the Vladdin RE really takes ergonomics to the next level. It measures less than 4 inches long so you can comfortably fit the Vladdin RE in any pants pocket or purse.  

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I don’t typically chain smoke pod devices, but even with hitting the Vladdin once every 30 min or so whilst playing some Red Dead Redemption 2 at home, it was still going strong at the end of the night. Another great perk is that the Vladdin produces more vapor than almost any other pod device on the market, especially a certain USB dock charging device.

The Vladdin RE utilizes a refillable pod cartridge which holds up to 1.5ml of E-Liquid, perfect for high concentration salt nic vaping. I was testing mine with Cubano Silver from VGOD and the flavor production with the Vladdin’s ceramic coils was amazing! Filling is a breeze as well, a silicon plug prevents leaks and the dual fill holes on the cartridge are roomy enough to insert a unicorn tip so you can refill your pod without any mess.pod system device construction

A gold plated magnet on the base of the cartridge snaps it into place on top of the battery, its a tight connection and holds firmly throughout heavy usage and pocket movement. It’s a draw activated device so there’s no settings or buttons to mess around with, you simply puff on the mouthpiece and a blast of vapor is produced to satisfy your cravings.

While I was testing the Vladdin RE I noticed that, unlike every single device I’ve ever used, there’s zero gurgling and no spitback whatsoever. I don’t know if you’ve ever had spitback while vaping 50mg salt nic but let me tell you, it is definitely not something you’ll enjoy experiencing. I gotta give the manufacturing team behind the Vladdin RE a huge thumbs up for that quality construction.

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At the end of all my tests I have to say I’m very pleased with the Vladdin RE. It’s outperformed most of the other pod devices I’ve tested in almost every regard and it seems like the Vladdin will keep performing spectacularly for a long time to come. My only gripe with this device is that the battery life indicator is pretty static, all it displays is a bright white LED light while charging or operating the Vladdin RE. But besides that I highly recommend trying this device out if you’re in the market for a sturdy and reliable compact vaporizer.


  • Posted on by Debi Meinwieser

    The Vladdin pod is what I got for my son when he was ready to quit smoking. It was satisfying enough that he never turned back! There was a problem with the 1st device where it was firing on its own at any given time. That was quite scary so I immediately contacted Vladdin, showed them what was happening and they immediately shipped a new one out the next day. As you can imagine, I was afraid that this may start a fire but Vladdin assured me that it would not blow up or burn and was not dangerous in any way.I was informed to simply throw it away & within two weeks the new one was delivered and is working great! I highly recommend the Vladdin RE to anyone looking to quit smoking or just to have as a device when you want to discretely satisfy your nic craving. The refillable pod lasts a very long time but it also depends on how much you use it. The battery lasts half a day with heavy use but all you have to do is plug it into a USB port and in an hour or so it’s fully charged.

  • Posted on by Chris

    I’ve been Vaping for almost 8 years. I’ve started with ce4 clearo’s and cartos and progressed from there. Moved into the high end game about 6 yrs ago and never looked back. With that being said I’ve owned a ton of gear, tried a lot of gear. I’ve dripped, I’ve squonked, I’ve tanked, rta’d, billet boxed, You name it. The vladdin changed my whole world!! It’s that good!! In fact it’s so good I don’t use anything else now. Seriously. I will admit when it first came out the pods did have a first production failure rate that was higher than some others out there. But they’ve seemed to have worked all the kinks out. And that’s just me being super nitpicking. I rotate 2 all day and charge at bedtime. Again I say enough about how amazing and life changing these devices have been for me. The most satisfying vape for me period. And to top it off it’s less than $30. If you would have told me this 8 years ago I would have told you that it wasn’t possible. Well boys and girls, it is possible!!
    Vladdin is in a league of its own and sets the bar for every other pod device out and even to be developed.

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