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Hello, boys and ghouls. Today on this eve of Halloween, I, your Chris-keeper, want to share just a few of my favorite horror treats along with a number of products that can help you keep the monsters at bay and ensure you won’t be dead by dawn. Submitted for the approval of the EightVape Community, I call this article “EightVape Recommends Horror.”

#1: The Omen

Any collection of horror films should start with a classic and there is no unsung classic as good as “The Omen.” Released in 1976 and helmed by multiple “Superman” director Richard Donner, the film has been a mainstay in any horror aficionado’s lineup. Yet even with a long time following, memorable Damien, and some of the most chilling and unforgettable scenes in horror cinematic history, “The Omen” has never truly broken through to mainstream horror acknowledgement, never becoming as iconic as your Voorhees, Krueger, or Myers. Unfortunately, this is the fate of many of the great horror films of their time, overlooked for fast-paced action and horror as opposed the slow-burn of true unadulterated horror.

Some could say the same point can be made for the vape juice inspired directly from the iconic film. While many may have heard of the Bad Drip line of e juices it is likely that many haven’t had the devotion to dive head first and try some of the other options in the Director’s Cut line, such as the aforementioned Damien, Doll of Malevolent. This is incredibly unfortunate as the juice has some incredibly delicious flavors including a blend of Wild Melon, Pear, and Bubblegum.


#2: The Wolfman

Were it not for the Universal Monsters, there’s a chance that horror wouldn’t be nearly as prevalent as it is today. With his colleagues, The Wolfman brought terror to the masses in a way that had never truly been done before and has yet to be matched by modern day cinema. Bringing the horror of subconscious fears into the realm of monsters, Universal was able to tap into a well of fear that many were not even aware of.

We’ve been fascinated with wolves for centuries, from tales to legends to warnings and it was only a matter of time before this transitioned to our marvelous world of vaping. Sigelei brings a truly beautiful mod together in their SnowWolf Mfeng 200W Kit and I can tell you from personal experience, this device is a very impressive device, in both production and visual.

#3: The Return of the Living Dead

Zombie movies have always been a guilty pleasure of mine and while it may let my horroriptster side show a little I do have have to say I liked them long before Walking Dead dragged their rotting corpses into the mainstream. Many nights to the video store resulted in a pair of horror VHS tapes that I’d watch and re-watch for a week before returning and often at least one of those two would be something zombie related. Nothing ever came close to the majesty, yes...majesty, of “Return of the Living Dead.” Now, many zombie snobs would spout “Night of the Living Dead” or “Dawn of the Dead” but for me Return will never disappoint and is the epitome of 80’s horror. With neon colors, stupid humor, gratuitous nudity, and practical effects that are quite literally to die for, it is bound to hit every box on a horror movie checklist.

The Vzone Graffiti brings a bit of that zombie humour to light with their mod but it’s nothing to joke about. With a wattage reaching 220 it may look funny but it is a heavy hitter and with designs like that, what’s not to love?

#4: Maximum Overdrive 

“Maximum Overdrive” is the first film directed by Stephen King and he certainly doesn’t disappoint. When machines of all shapes and sizes come to life and start murdering indiscriminately, it is up to Emilio Estevez, the good brother, to save the day or at the very least survive as a group of victims and himself are trapped inside a diner as cars encircle them, trapping them. The most iconic imagery is certainly the Happy Toyz semi-truck with a very recognizable Spiderman villain’s head front and center as the biggest hood ornament ever created after Marvel Comics approved the use of the Green Goblin’s big ugly mug in the film, Spock ears and purple beanie included.   

With Sigelei’s Top 1 mod sporting a speedometer inspired face, reaching all the way to 230 wattage, you’ll be sure to hit your maximum overdrive in vape juice flavor each and every time.

#5: Tales from the Hood 


As a life-long fan of anthology horror, I grew up on the likes of “Creepshow,” “Tales from the Crypt,” “Twilight Zone,” and of course “Are You Afraid of the Dark.” There’s just something about the idea of sharing a plethora of stories in a single sitting that makes the best chance at hitting that spooky part of your brain and in recent years “Black Mirror” has picked up the mantle very effortlessly. However, with so many anthologies to choose from it is likely that some will be lost in the video bins only to be dug out as classic gold. One such gem is that of “Tales from the Hood” which brought together anthology horror with a primarily black cast and executive-produced by Spike Lee. While focused around tales that revolved black cast, the stories transcend race with their depth, special effects, and out-right creepiness bringing together drama, scary puppets, and out-right psychological terror and is an absolute must see collection of tales.

Dovpo’s MVV 280W box mod is another one of my personal devices and I can vouch for the performance first-hand. For such an inexpensive device, the production and quality of the design is unmatched. I can certainly tell you that the designs on the mod are not given their true justice through pictures and I gurantee that upon holding on in your hand for the first time, you’ll be a bit thrown back by the engravings. Among numerous designs is one that looks closely to the “Tales from the Hood” logo which is a Skull in sunglasses, only in this case as opposed to glasses it is in the form of a hat turned side-ways. If that seems like a bit of a stretch just so I can speak about “Tales from the Hood”...you wouldn’t be wrong.

#6: Tusk 

Kevin Smith is known for his numerous comedic films that while heart-felt and coming from a very real place also contain a considerable amount of lewd humour and stoner jokes. Every so often though, Smith has ventured out past this comfort zone and unfortunately it has lead to backlash and praise alike, as seen with “Chasing Amy” but then also “Jersey Girl” so it was very much to the surprise of his fans and critics alike that he would be trying his hand at the horror genre with his next film “Red State.” While not a perfect movie, it was certainly a departure from the idea of who Kevin Smith was as a director and opened many doors to explore his creativity and one of those doors lead to a walrus suit. “Tusk” is a strange film with a laughable plot, a troubled man attempting to turn a stranger into a walrus, but what is not laughable are the performances and tone. Weaving between humour and terror, the performances of the lead actors is unmatched by many in the horror genre and even in the more ridiculous moments, you can still sense a large amount of sincerity in the fear and emotion as Justin Long falls into madness of being made into this ice monster.

And speaking of ice monsters, there is the delicious flavor from parent company Jam Monster in the form of  Ice Monster's Strawmelon Apple. Just as Michael Parks’ character stitched and sewed together walrus and human flesh to create a monstrosity like no other, so has Ice Monster stitched together these fruit flavors of strawberry, watermelon, and apple to create a delicious Frankenstein-esque monster...though as opposed to a human walrus likely to have at least 75% less fishy smell to it.

#7: Night of the Lepus 

There’s no other way to say it…”Night of the Lepus” is about giant killer bunny rabbits. One of the weirdest b-movie horror films of its time, and let’s be honest probably ever, this film takes the adorableness that is little balls of fluff and turns them into murder pillows that are out to rip you limb from limb and honestly, how can one not enjoy something like that?

On the same note of overpowered rabbits from hell, Hellvape’s Dead Rabbit 25mm rta  is a definite must try. Boasting a quad deck build and adjustable airflow control, it certainly is a lot nicer and more useful than the Lepus.

#8: Audition 


Foreign horror will always be scarier to Western audiences. Some would say this is because it is the unknown, that we don’t recognize the culture and so things that may seem every day over there seems quite literally foreign to us...I say because they make amazing horror films that are more in line to our 70’s horror with 90’s flair for the dramatic and a touch of 80’s practical effects. They also don’t confine themselves to one form of horror, branching off into not only supernatural and psychological but the horror of a very real world based in completely plausible reality. Such is the case of “Audition” where a good intention man’s action leaves him open to a slew of horrific trappings and dangers. Based on a novel by the same name, “Audition” brings a very real terror to a fantastical scenario. While not wishing to spoil too much about the movie, it is also a very nice break to see a female antagonist who is more than willing to do very despicable things to those she thinks have wronged her.

Vandy Vape creates a number of great products and for those that want to make their coils, they provide a  10ft spool of Vandy Vape Specialty Wire to do so. We here at EightVape certainly hope that you find a more appropriate use for your wire than Asami did in “Audition.”

#9: Haunting of Hill House 


This year has had a few horrific offerings, including a personal favorite of mine “Hereditary,” but none have reached the emotional level that Netflix’s “Haunting of Hill House” was able to. Based on Shirley Jackson’s 1959 book of the same name, these 10 hour long episodes take you through a journey of love, loss, and terror than I would say challenge even some of the most veteran of ghost stories. From beginning to end, there is a palpable cloud of dread in the air and with each episode and every story of these character’s lives you find yourself drawn further into the house and its history, much like the characters themselves.

If there’s one thing the “Haunting of Hill House” shows is that even the most relaxing, mundane of days can turn to terror in a moments notice. So maybe for now, just this moment we should enjoy it, have ourselves a chill day and there’s no better way to do that than with  Junky’s Stash A Chill Day with a blend of juicy peach and southern tea flavor that is sure to wake you up.

If you have any suggestions of your own, feel free to let us know in the comments or on any of our social medias. Until then, enjoy your Hallow’s Eve and curl up with a good scare.


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    ANTI-CHRIST. Everyone in the room WILL scream at the end. Guarantee. That movie is fucked!

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