Announcing the Arrival of the Pulse BF 80W Box Mod


The famous Vandy Vape and Tony B collaboration, the Pulse BF 80W Box Mod, is known by most as a controversial talking point vis-a-vis vaping industry ethics and the company giant VooPoo. First advertised to house the legendary GENE chipset, the Pulse BF Mod is one of the most highly-anticipated devices ever made. But vaping users a month ago were aghast when the Pulse BF development had stalled. 

VooPoo and Tony B have different versions of their stories, but after the infighting became public, people soon discovered that the GENE chipset would not be featured in the Pulse BF device.

Uproar, rage, and lunacy quickly followed.

"#BoycottVooPoo" was visible on every message board in every vaping Facebook group and Reddit sub-thread around the world. People commented vomiting and sickface emojis on Golden Drag Kit reviews. "I stand with Tony B" echoed in my ears when I tried to sleep at night. 

But in the midst of all the hubbub and cries for justice (which continued for about 3 weeks), the Vandy Vape and Tony B Pulse BF 80W Mod began production once again.

Now, instead of the GENE hardware, the device will house a proprietary Vandy Vape chipset—one that the company has been working on for awhile and is using the new-found opportunity to showcase, leading to what I think will be an overwhelmingly positive reception. 

The Vandy Vape proprietary chipset promises to deliver the same performance expected from the GENE chip hardware, even with a few upgrades, and finally, the vaping world has calmed itself. 



  • Size: 54 x 25.9 x 82 mm
  • Max wattage: 80 watts
  • Connection threading: 510



  • Vandy Vape Pulse BF 80W box mod
  • 8mL squonk bottle
  • QC USB cable
  • Instructional manual
  • 18650 battery adapter
  • 30 mL silicone refilling bottle



The Pulse 80W continues in the fashion of its predecessor with extremely compact dimensions, light weight, and a soft, comfortable hand feel.

The Pulse 80W will come in six different color patterns—four resin-based designs and two handsome carbon fiber editions. 


The Vandy Vape chipset used in place of the GENE chipset brings with it a host of differences to what was originally predicted for the Pulse BF 80W. Most notably, there will be no Memory Mode Control. However, BYPASS Mode, Power Mode, Voltage Adjustment Mode, Temperature Control Mode, and User Defined Temperature Control Mode are included. There is also a User Defined TC Curve Set toggle as well.


The Pulse BF 80W features an updated internal squonk bottle with a 8mL E-Juice capacity, and as with the original Pulse BF, the 80W regulated version will be able to fit 20700 battery cells as well as 18650 cells with the included adapter. The box mod itself is made out of the same nylon material reinforced with fiberglass. The front and back panels of the new device will not be interchangeable with the old Pulse because the sizing of the device has changed. It is now slightly bigger to accommodate the upgraded chipset.  

Most importantly, the Pulse BF 80W will come at a lower price tag than originally announced. $60-$75 is no longer the expected MSRP. Vendors will be refunding the price difference to customers who have pro-ordered the device. Retailers should expect the arrival of the product in about 1-2 weeks. 


I find myself unable to lament the falling out between VooPoo and Tony B as the Pulse BF 80W seems no worse off. An exceptionally fashionable and high-tech mod that is now less expensive. The new chipset fires with near the same rapidity as the GENE and they've swapped out Memory Mode for Voltage Adjustment and TC Curve Set Mode.

The design and chipset make me exceptionally excited for the arrival of this device:

  • Beautiful resin designs, ergonomic hand feel, compact size, and exceptionally light weight. An A+ design. 
  • An upgraded Vandy Vape chipset that rivals the GENE.


Thanks for reading.

Justin Troyer
Head of Content Development


  • Posted on by David W Butler

    When are you restocking? I’m impatient and would rather get points for buying through you.

  • Posted on by Steven Mullis

    When is it going on sale.and are yall gonna tru to beat other sites prices.

  • Posted on by Dale

    If their is anyway I can receive notification when this becomes available it would be greatly appreciated

  • Posted on by R. Scott Whitney

    I’ve been looking forward to the release of Tony B’s regulated Pulse 80 since the announcement. I use the unregulated Pulse but not as much as my VT Inbox regulated squonker. I’m excited to add another regulated squonker to my vape arsenal. Eightvape has been my “goto” vape equipment supplier due to your excellent service as compared to other suppliers I tried before finding you.

  • Posted on by Monte Marino

    Can you guys email me when you have it up for sale on your site?

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