The Rebuildable Leaking Problem and the GeekVape LOOP RDA




E-Liquid leaking is a problem with which most RDA users frequently struggle. Those who place their devices into their pockets often lament the telltale oily stain that forms on their jeans sometime during their day. If users place their device horizontally onto a table or desk instead of vertically up, they find a glob of sticky E-Liquid under their device when they retrieve it. It has gotten to the point where RDA users have established strategies to combat the inexorable leaking problem associated with their favorite atomizers.

Zovers, a member of Vaping Underground, an online vaping forum network, says this:

"The leakage could be caused by a few different things but is fairly common with RDAs. The first, and most common cause in my experience, is over dripping. If your cotton (or whatever you use to wick) is already completely saturated it will be unable to hold additional liquid and this excess liquid will often leak out of the airflow holes. The second possible cause is if you exhale through your RDA prior to inhaling. This is done by many people in order to keep the vapor cool and "fresh" while giving your coils a chance to heat up. Despite the effectiveness of this technique if there is any excess liquid in the RDA it can and will be blown out of the air holes in an amount proportional to the amount of excess liquid, strength of the exhale, and amount of air flow. The last possible cause that I will mention is your wicking technique. For example, if you use organic Japanese sheet cotton the outer layers on the sheet are made of compressed cotton which does not accept or hold juice as well as the inner, fluffier layers. That's not to say that you should not use the outer layers, rather I have found it effective to cut with and not against the grain of the cotton and then ensure that the compressed layers are on the sides of the coils and not the top and bottom. This will allow you to drip directly onto the cotton from above without worrying about the juice flowing along the grain of the cotton, absorbed, and settling at the bottom of the RDA leading to a small pool of excess Juice. Once you have identified the particular problem it should be fairly easy to correct."

Leaking has become somewhat commonplace in the utilization of rebuildable dripping atomizers, and post after post on Reddit and other online forums call out to lead designers asking, "why can't we make an RDA that doesn't leak at all?"

I am pleased to announce that I recently tested the LOOP RDA, manufactured by GeekVape, and my findings conclude that the LOOP is our best version of an anti-leak rebuildable system to date. Today we'll list the RDA's features and specifications, and talk about the innovative build deck and airflow mechanics that make it "leakproof." 


  • Unique W-shaped build deck
  • Easy coil building for single and dual coils
  • Allows direct dripping from the mouthpiece without leakage
  • Surround airflow system transferring from side to bottom
  • Compatible with both 810 and 510 drip tips



  • 24mm diameter
  • 26mm height
  • 8mm drip tip height
  • 18mm drip tip width
  • Stainless steel material
  • 5mm deep juice well



The W-Shaped Build Deck 

The build deck on the LOOP RDA is made with four diagonal arcs that give it a "W"-shaped design. This construction holds E-Liquid in place when the device is moved or turned on its side, and it also enhances flavor production by trapping directed air underneath the performance coils. I have, along with other reviewers, heralded the LOOP as one of the best flavor-production systems available on the market. With the W-Shaped build deck and the innovative airflow system, the LOOP RDA's flavor production is titanic. I would recommend this device even without the anti-leak feature of the system, simply because its flavor production is so superb. 



Direct Dripping  

The LOOP allows users to drip E-Liquid directly into the mouthpiece of the RDA. Collected E-Liquid that hasn't been absorbed by the cotton sits in the W-Shaped reservoir of the build deck, safe from possible leaking. As E-Liquid in the cotton evaporates, E-Liquid in the reservoir will be directed into the cotton by the vertical airflow, resulting in automatic rewicking. This extremely convenient feature makes rewicking less menial and bothersome. No need to remove a top cap or carefully douse your cotton. Just direct your E-Liquid into the mouthpiece.



Side to Bottom Airflow System 

The LOOP RDA is outfitted with a side to bottom airflow system, depicted above. Airflow delivery of the RDA enhances flavor by directing air into the vertices of the W-Shaped build deck and then vertically up through the performance coils. Most airflow systems direct air currents around the coils from the side rather than from the bottom, resulting in diminished flavor production. Because of its innovations, the LOOP RDA's flavor production is among the best that I have experienced. I am a big fan of this feature. 



Many are raving about this RDA and I can see why. Like I stated above, the flavor production of this system is exceptional. The side to bottom airflow and the W-Shaped build deck create a high-quality mechanism that does well in capturing the most flavor possible from your coils and selected E-Juice. The leakproof technology, however, puts this system over the top. It's a relief to find a an RDA where I don't have to use up all of the juice in my reservoir just to put it away. I can put down and pick up my mod with the LOOP RDA anytime I want, worry-free. You'll notice the photo we used for a cover of this blog is the LOOP RDA sitting on its side. That's intentional. 

Thanks for reading. 

Justin Troyer
Head of Content Development
Eightcig LLC


You can purchase the GeekVape LOOP RDA on



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