The Kado Stealth: Vape in Peace on National Hermit Day


Today is National Hermit Day in the US. According to National Day Calendar, today "is a day to take some time to spend alone. It is time to step away from the hustle and bustle of your everyday life and retreat to someplace quiet."

Sound familiar? Remember stepping outside for a smoke break? Finding a shaded spot on the side of the building at work, home, wherever, secluded away from any drama or stress. Using your cigarette to take you away for a few minutes at a time.

If you're into vaping, I propose an alternative solution on this day of retreat. The Kado Stealth Ultra-Portable Kit.

Shaded, Vape In Hand

When you want to get away and get your fix, wouldn't you love to be able to stay in your vaping spot for longer than a few moments before you have to go back to reality? What you need is something portable. Inconspicuous. With an ergonomic grip. A battery you can charge at any time, only stopping to refill your vape cartridge. That doesn't stick out like a sore thumb if you have to resurface for any reason, but want to continue your portable vacay.

Using the Kado Stealth, you can retreat to your own personal hobbit hole without giving away your location. Keeping to yourself on this momentous day in your hermitage, where no one can interfere with your second breakfast (or the other five daily hobbit meals that keep you nourished in your stasis).

"Secret...Vaping Man"

The Kado Stealth has a small form factor. With dimensions of 80mm x 45mm x 10mm, it fits in the palm of your hand. Even if someone infiltrates your getaway, they have to see your kit first before they can ask to bum off of it.

Its Zinc Alloy Shell is not only durable, the rubberized finish and ergonomic architecture allow for easy handling and kung fu grip.

Ok, maybe not kung-fu grip...

In and Out, Real Quick Like

All-In-One, the Kado Stealth is draw activated. Just pull and draw for a one and done. Utilizing the 1.5ohm coil, this is even easier to accomplish by allowing for salt nicotine vape juice to be used with this versatile, mini mod.

3.6V/8W maximum output power. Proprietary gold plated connection. 2ml capacity. Refilable pods that lock in place and fulfill a dual role as drip tip.

For added convenience, there is a built-in 450mAh battery so that you don't have to spend more money for an external one. When the kit runs out of power, simply plug the included Micro-USB cable into it for quick USB charging.

Becoming One With Yourself

So, how do you want to attain nirvana in solitude? Do you want to keep going outside to get away from your getaway? Or stay inside and ruin your sanctuary with harsh toxins and chemicals from smoke, clouding your serenity?

No. You want to explore a wide range of flavors, filled with your choice of 0mg to 50mg of nicotine. Releasing your vapor into your domain, filling it only with unobtrusive vapor and good vibes.

Pick Yours Up HERE.


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