SMOK Morph Pod-80 Preview

Good things should always come in pairs. MORPH POD-80 and MORPH S POD-80 hit in pairs! Both Morph Pod-80 and Morph S Pod-80 have a maximum 80W of power and is paired with an LP2 pod compatible with all LP2 coils, with a satisfactory juice capacity of 5ml. Both kits are identical other than batteries, Morph Pod-80 features a built-in 3000mAh battery while the Morph S utilizes a single external 18650 battery. 
By toggling the air switch, the airflow of the dual air inlets can be precisely adjusted to achieve the desired flavor. Try out SMOK's newest kits, the Morph Pod-80 and Morph S Pod-80! 

8 Colors Available

Kit Includes

 Features & Specifications

Adjustable Airflow

Adjusting the air flow to get the optimum air intake can be frustrating. It's not like that anymore. The device now works with a toggle-style air switch to precisely adjust dual air inlets, allowing you to experience the most anticipated flavor and vapor.

3+1 Leak Resistant Design

The added silicone rings on the bottom of the coil would fill th e gap, effectively stemming the liquid leaking from the pod that results in a messy vaping experience or dirty hand. The specially designed base part of the pod can lock the e-liquid and the condensate generated during vaping, helping to further prevent leakage.

Device Components 

Top Filling. Top Choice

Top filling system makes refilling as easy as pie, no need to pull out the pod, which is convenient and prevents leakage.

Wide Compatibility With LP2 Coils

The LP2 coils work perfectly with the MORPH POD-80 Pod to provide you with a smooth flavor and satisfying throat-hit.

Final Thoughts

The Morph Pod-80 and Morph S Pod-80 kits from SMOK are great for both beginners and advanced vapers alike. With the wide array of setups, colors, and features to choose from the Pod-80 kits are sure to meet your demands.

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