No-Nic Vapers and Flavor Chasers


No-Nic Vapers and Flavor Chasers

No, flavor chasers are not groups of fanatics that chase around Flava Flav. Although, are they taking in new members because I’m kinda down…

No-Nic vapers are people who vape 0MG vape juice or even nicotine free disposable vapes only. And flavor chasers are people who vape zero nicotine (0MG) or low nicotine (3MG) vape juices purely for the flavor and not as a replacement for cigarettes. Flavor is a huge part of the vaping experience to everyone. Even those who prefer tobacco flavored E-Juices. Many tobacco lines have mixed in flavors of coffee or custard etc. into traditional tobacco flavored juices. It’s not a surprise that a majority of the E-liquid market is dominated by delicious flavors.

No-Nic vapers most often do not start vaping at 0MG since they want a buzz. They typically started off with nicotine and gradually weaned themselves off (yay!) but still love the taste and feel of a good vaping session. So they start to buy 0MG juices and continue their flavor journeys.














Some no-nic vapers are social vapers who put down their smoking habits with vaping to wean themselves off nicotine, and now vape only 0MG at social events just as a habit and to enjoy some nice flavors. 

Some no-nic vapers are former smokers, turned vapers, who now only vape to cure a flavor craving. They satisfy their sweet tooth with a candy or dessert vape juice and put the vape down until their next craving pops up.

Some no-nic vapers are former smokers, turned former vapers, who now vape 0MG juices when a new flavor comes out just for the purposes of keeping up with flavor trends in the vape juice market.



Some no-nic vapers are also cloud chasers. Those vapers inhale massive amounts of vapor, so a 0MG option makes this a lot more do-able, and a good flavor is an absolute must to keep it fun and enjoyable. Inhaling heavy amounts of nicotine would be too much for most cloud chasers to handle, and without the options of 0MG we would miss out of some awesome tricks and big clouds that make us say, "wow".


P.S. Check out our Cloud Chasing contest. I'm sure there's plenty of entries who've used 0MG.

We do not like underage vaping. But studies have shown in repeated years that only 1 out of 4 12th grade vapers use nicotine. Which means that 3 out of 4 teenage vapers are flavor chasers, or cloud chasers with no nicotine cravings. Which doesn’t do much to help the argument by anti-vaping initiatives claiming that “Big Vape” is recruiting a new generation of addicted slaves to their products.

Most of these categories really boil down to one thing, which is some people just enjoy the sensations and flavors and are not every day vapers like they once were. Some people quit all together, others lower their nicotine intake, and some just keep at it on occasion. All these various experiences and preferences are what makes the vaping community diverse, exciting, and fun to learn more about.

Flavor chasers using 0MG do so with leisure and their own personal pleasure in mind. They are no longer held tightly to an addiction or bothered by pesky cravings. Vaping to them has become a simple hobby or a fun social outlet.

A cigarette addiction can be about more than just the nicotine. A cig-centric lifestyle is surrounded by the aspects of socialization, rituals, and stress reduction, all of which can become comforting and habitual in their own right. While kicking the nicotine habit is good, these other aspects about cigarettes that were enjoyable can still be had with 0MG nicotine vaping.

There are a multitude of forums and communities of flavor chasers out there. And some do use low level nicotine too, but a vast majority have moved down to 0MG. In these forums they talk about not just the best 0mg flavors but the best tanks, coils, RDAs and so on for ultimate flavor production.

If you love a good flavor and want to learn more about what settings, tools, and devices to use I highly encourage you to do so by looking into forums like these.

I've found I've crushed lot of my cravings due to some good flavors out there. I may or may not have a slight Skittles addiction. A sweet fruit flavored juice will often stop me from inhaling five fistfuls of those sweet sweet little pebbles of pure sugar. My teeth thank me.

peaceVape Happy Everyonepeace


  • Posted on by Kathy King

    I am soooo a flavor chaser…

  • Posted on by Kathy King

    I am soooo a flavor chaser…

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