NEW PRODUCT RELEASE: Zero.G Pod System by Aspire and NoName


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Hot off the heels of the Paradox box mod and the 9th tank release, Aspire has joined forces with NoName to develop this stunning new vape pod system. The Zero.G perfectly blends the traditional, vintage appearance of classic vapes with modern mechanics and technology that make this device more user-friendly than ever. Learn what makes the Zero.G the next vape device on your must-buy list.


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On the surface, the Zero.G is a sleek, elegant, and most importantly portable vape. Breaking down the Zero.G, you quickly realize how many components are working together to create each perfect inhale. Bottom ventilation combined with an airflow control ring allow the user to modify their air intake to their exact liking.

The wattage adjustment ring eliminates the need to scroll through a display screen to raise or lower your output, another nod to classic devices (but more on this later). And of course, Type-C charging means your device will be back to life in less than half the time as other USB cables.


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Perhaps "sleek" is an understatement when describing the Zero.G. At only 26mm in diameter, this pen-style vape fits effortlessly into a  pocket, purse, backpack, anywhere. Despite its discreet size, the Zero.G has a built-in 1500mAh battery and a pod with a 3.5ml e-liquid capacity.

Also, the Zero.G may be elegant, but it certainly isn't delicate. Its body is built from stainless steel and PEI plastic, known for its ability to resist high temperatures and impressive strength.


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Back to the wattage adjuster. The Zero.G is capable of between 5-40W output, which the user can manipulate using the numbered dial at the bottom of the device. This analog approach is a clever throwback to old-school devices and offers the user a more satisfying sense of control over their pod device.



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The Zero.G pod features a bottom-fill design, sealed with a silicon stopper to prevent leaks. Simply lift the stopper, add 3.5ml of your favorite vape juice, press the stopper back into place, and you're ready to go!


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The Zero.G pod and body are connected quickly via powerful magnetics. This eliminates the need to line up threading before screwing it into place and ensures that both pieces are securely fastened. 


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Connect the pod to the body from any direction and push into place!


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Whether you prefer DTL or MTL vaping, the Zero.G makes both possible. The included AVP coil is designed to increase flavor and vapor production to make the most of your e-liquid.

The Zero.G is compatible with the 0.65 mesh coil and the 1.15 standard coil, depending on your desired wattage output.


A vape RBA coil and an exploded view atop a black background.


Since the Zero.G is all about user control, it's even possible to build your own coil with the additional RBA accessories.


This vape's blend of modern and classic is truly a unique and creative experiment that manages to provide the user with everything they could ever want in a pod device with the added benefit of maximum customization and control. Overall, the Zero.G is a fantastic new release, but would you expect anything else from a collaboration by Aspire and NoName? 


Two vape pod devices, black and silver, atop a black background with text.

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