New Moti Flavors Reviewed


New MOTI Flavors Reviewed

We’ve got a few new flavors that just arrived in the Moti Pod lineup, and these new flavors are adding a much-needed dose of variety. Taking a break from the standard fruit and candy style flavors that you’re used to in vapes, these new flavors are each unique in their own way. Rest assured, you probably haven’t had any vape juices that taste quite like these. I grabbed a few of the new pods out of the warehouse and did all the taste testing so you don’t have to! 

Here’s a breakdown for each of the new Flavored Moti Pods.  



Moti Booster

A tasty recreation of everyone’s favorite energy drink. Vape it after a shot of Vodka for the ultimate combination! Booster gives you wiiiinnnngs. Ok, now that’s out of the way lets get down to business. A distinctive overtone of icy cool menthol dominates the flavor profile with hints of energy drink showing up in the aftertaste. I think all of these new flavors (except for Oolong) are dominated by menthol so if you’re not a fan of menthol this is a good time to check out the MOJO or TWST disposables. 


Moti Cola

This cola has an ICY kick to it, again the menthol flavor dominates the flavor profile while hints of sweet cola come in on the aftertaste. There’s a hint of syrupy sweetness that’s very reminiscent of cherry cola and when you inhale there’s an almost fizzy sensation from the heavy menthol. All the fantastic taste of ice cold soda with none of the calories!

Moon Menthol

Moti Menthol

No words can describe the frozen taste of this menthol flavor. It is so mentholated I can’t even taste anything while vaping it, just ice cold menthol. This one seems like it was made to answer the question, how much menthol can a person vape before their lungs freeze over? I don’t recommend this flavor unless you seriously love menthol, like to the point where you'd drink it in your water if you could. 


Moti Bayberry

The age-old bayberry has grown in Asia and Japan for over 2000 years, but thanks to Moti now you can enjoy the flavor in vape form. Menthol is the main player in this flavor profile, with hints of sour citrusy berry flavor coming along in the aftertaste. This is a unique flavor perfect for fans of fruity menthol vape juices.   


Moti Oolong

A bouquet of aromatic herbs in every puff of tantalizing flavor, this unique blend of herbal and flowery notes is a delicious break from the norm. There’s only a handful of flavors that I’m aware of which take their inspiration from herbal flavors as opposed to the standard fruit/candy/dessert flavors that make up the majority of vape juice. Out of all those flavors, there’s maybe 2 or 3 that I would consider good enough to vape regularly. This new Oolong Moti takes a unique approach to vape flavors and it pays off in a big way.  

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