MOTI Pod Device Vape Review, A Sneak Peak of The REAL JUUL Killer


MOTI Pod Device Vape Review, A Sneak Peak of The REAL JUUL Killer

If you’ve followed the vaping scene for a while you’ve probably already heard of the Juul, one of the most popular vaporizer devices on the market today. Juul cornered the market for Pod systems early and exploded in popularity quickly, accruing a 68% share of the vaping market in 2018.

But the Juul is a pain to use! It’s only chargeable with a special seperate USB charging dock so if you lose that, you’re outta luck. Plus it only comes with pre-filled pods, meaning you can’t even try new salt nic flavors with it and you have to overpay for E-Liquid every time you buy a set of pods.

There’s a bunch of devices out there claiming to be the next JUUL and I’ve tried enough of them to tell you with confidence, they don’t stand a chance! Until now.


I’ve had my hands on a prototype of the MOTI pod device for few weeks now and I have to say, I’m more than impressed! From it’s incredibly long lasting battery life to the lightweight ergonomic design of the battery section, the MOTI checks all the boxes it needs to become your go to vape device.

Let’s take a look at some of the aesthetics that make the MOTI such a cool device to carry around.  

The Basics

Simple, Sleek, and effective. From the rumors I’ve heard it look like the colors we have now aren’t the only colors MOTI will be available in either, there’s also rumblings of a glossy rainbow finish amongst other colors. 


The MOTI has a tapered oval shape similar to an eye, this allows the device to fit naturally in between your fingers and feels comparable to holding a cigarette or a thin cigar. Unlike a JUUL there’s no hard edges to dig into your hand after long vaping sessions. Measuring just 4.5 inches long this device fits comfortably in any pocket and is perfect for vaping on the go.

The crowning achievement of the MOTI that sets it miles ahead of JUUL, REFILLABLE pods! Yes that’s right, with the MOTI you don’t have to overpay on vapor juice every time you run out of E-Liquid. You can simply buy the refillable pods and easily fill them up with your favorite Nic Salt vapor juice. The refillable pods are intelligently designed with two fill ports so there’s no waiting for bubbles to settle like with some pod systems on the market. With their 1.8mL capacity you’ll be surprised at how long the MOTI can last in between refills.

How it Works

The MOTI is powered by a top of the line 500mAh built in battery. At full charge this battery can provide around 600 puffs before needing a recharge. Given that users will typically be vaping high concentration Salt Nic E-Juices with the MOTI, I've found that 600 puffs is more than enough to last a full day of vaping. Charging to full from a completely dead battery took around 50 min total and the MOTI supports pass-through-charging so you can vape it while you charge it! Try doing that with a dock mounted JUUL.


Inside the pod the MOTI uses you’ll find a highly advanced 6th generation honeycomb ceramic core. This ceramic core is at the heart of what makes the Moti such a fantastic device. With a ceramic core the Moti is able to produce much more flavor than any other standard pod device on the market today. This device is also draw activated so all you need to do is puff on it and the device automatically fires!

The pods that come with the MOTI have a tiny but strong rare earth magnet inside which makes a secure connection to the battery base. There’s a satisfying click everytime you drop a pod into the MOTI that lets you know it’s connected. This magnetic connection is strong enough that you can hold the MOTI pod in your lips and the base won't fall off, making it perfect for vaping while working or typing. (Like I am right now!)    

The MOTI may be a compact device, but I'm confident that it’s going to make some Big Waves in the vaping world.

You can see more from the moti on their site -


What do you think of the Moti? Have you tried any other Pod Devices yet? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.


  • Posted on by Nethan Paul

    Today healthy vape formulation is a very good medication to supply vital vitamins and minerals. I am using vitamin B12 healthy vape pen for treatment of PMS related syndrome. It is so far super for me and I want to use more different types of vapes. Thanks to this blog that I cake to know about Moti vape and am excited to use it.

  • Posted on by Bobby

    I bought a Kanger Auro and half the coils burned out in 10 minutes.Yes I primed them.I got a BLU device but you are limited to no refill pods.I got a Smok infinix but the low mah battery runs put quickly!I just bought a Moti open device and will be glad to try it when it comes in the mail.Thanks EightVape!

  • Posted on by Gee

    Hi, I am using Infinix for more then a month and I am not happy with this. I am looking for a more restrictive mtl device which has feelin like a cigarette. Also need better cartdiges then infinix does. Do you recommend Moti instead of Infinix or is it similar taste ?

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