How Often Should You Replace Your Refillable Pods?


For vapes that come with refillable pods, switching an empty one out or knowing when to refill the pods can get confusing.

If you change them before they burn out, you could just be wasting your pods. Meanwhile, leaving the replacement vape pods in for too long because you’re not sure if they are already empty will earn you a terrible vaping experience. This is why you have to understand the kind of pod you have and the vaping habit you practice to know the best time to change them.

refillable replacement pods

How Long Do Average Pods Last?

A typical pod device with built-in coils can last for an average of 1-4 weeks. This is dependent on the kind of liquid you use and the amount you vape.

There is no definite answer to when to replace your pod. However, as a vape pod owner, it's essential to know if your pods are refillable and how often you need to replace them. This solely depends on the several factors influencing your vaping habits.

The size of the vape pod is also a significant factor that determines how long your vape pod lasts.


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How Often Should I Change My Vape Pods?

A person who takes a few puffs a day would need to change their vape pods less frequently than someone who vapes vapes all day.

Generally, a rule of thumb states that heavy vapers should change their pods once a week, and more casual vapers have to do this every 7 - 30 days. 

Replace Pods or Replace Coil?

Switching out your pod or coil really depends on the device. Some devices only require you to change the pod because the coil is built in. Other pods let you change the coil since it can easily be replaced.

When your vape pod is empty and tastes more like smoking a cigarette, how would you know if you needed to replace the pod or the coil?

To keep up with the best possible experience, flavor, and performance of the pod system, you would like to replace its coils in less than five days.

If you start experiencing throat irritation after using a coil for some time that was absent when the same coil was still new, then it is time for the coil to be replaced.

However, replacing pods will last a lot longer than replacing the coils of the vape tank, although a new pod would cost more than a sub-ohm coil.

differences in full coil and empty pod

How Long Does a Refillable Pod Replacement Last?

Ideally, your vape pods should be able to last you for at least months unless they get damaged in some way.

However, since your pod can go on indefinitely for months without the need for replacement, you're highly discouraged from this practice due to some reasons discussed below.

What Impacts How Often My Pods Should Be Replaced?

Sometimes, you can get the feeling that it’s time to switch out your pods after using them for a while.

If you pay attention to these signs your pod mod displays, then it is time for its replacement. You can prevent your device from breaking or burning out altogether, by safeguarding it.

vape coil cotton burnt

How Much Do You Vape?

By keeping track of how much e-juice you consume daily, you can tell when your refillable pod needs to be switched out.

For a vaper who uses a few minutes of the day to smoke, your e-juice tends to last longer. However, it is not the same for a vaper with an outdoor job, who can comfortably smoke throughout the day. His e-juice is used up quicker.

The Type of Juice You’re Vaping?

If you don’t know this yet, you will have to check the e-liquid in your vape pen to access the flavor it is supposed to produce. The VG and PG ratio really matters.

Vape pods that contain artificial colors and sweeter liquids tend to burn faster through the coils than those with simple blends like menthol.

Then you would know that your pods need replacement when, for instance, they are menthol-flavored but you don’t get any response after dragging them. Although this lack of feedback can also be caused by a faulty vaporizer, you would still get a little flavor response.

Quality of Your Coils

High-resistance coils are for novice vapers to give them a smooth introduction to vaping. With this, they can easily identify when the coils’ quality diminishes. For experienced vapers that enjoy chasing clouds, sub-ohm coils are used because they can handle them.

pg vs vg statistics

What Happens If Your Pod is Burnt or Finished?

Anytime you take a hit of your pod and you don’t taste any flavor or feel a burnt taste, then your pod is finished. But when your pod is burnt, it will taste stale or burnt like smoking a cigarette, which is a more obvious sign that your pod needs a change.

The emptier the pod, the worse the taste gets. Below is what to expect if your pod is finished or burned.

Dry Hits

You get dry hits if you drag against a burnt pod and feel a harsh burning taste on your throat. It tastes worse, most times, than the sweet vapor you get with a full pod.

Warmer Vapor

With a high power setting, more power flows through the pod which results in an intense and warmer vapor. If the power level is set too high, the coils can’t handle it and produce a burnt taste.

Less Flavor Than Before

The potency of each drag is directly related to the amount of e-juice left on the cotton. So, when you start feeling less flavor than before, it means that your pod is almost out and you need to refill it, if it's not burnt. 

How to Make Pods Last Longer?

Any vaper would want for their pods to last for as long as possible and would also want to refill them multiple times before they eventually need to replace them. The following are ways to improve the lifespan of your vape pods:

Take Smaller Draws

Taking a long draw on your disposable vape is going to leave the biggest drain on it. The longer you inhale in one hit, the more battery life and E-liquid you consume.

To make your pod last longer, take smaller draws each time you vape. You should take a few small puffs than just one drawn-out hit.

Clean the Coil

Cleaning is much easier if the vape pod has removable coils. When you first start with a new pod or coil, make sure to prime it.

Each time you clean away the residues built up in your coil, your pod looks like it has an atomizer coil that is almost as good as new.

While some vape pods make use of atomizer coils that are a permanent component of the system and hence cannot be replaced, it would be difficult to clean the coils. This is because the liquid only goes in and out of the pod through a single, small filling hole.

If you don’t always want to clean your coil, then you have to avoid sweet flavors.

clean your coils

Avoid Sweet Flavors

Not using sweet flavors as your e-liquid is the best thing you can do to make your pods last longer and prevent them from burning out.

For unsweetened e-liquid, the process of forming residue on the coils will occur much more slowly, therefore, you can use your vape pods for a longer period. You can even go for several days or more before the need to replace them comes.


It is advisable to know your vaping habits and what you can do to enhance your vape pod’s performance as a good vaper. Having an extra pod around is a good idea, just in case your pod fails unexpectedly.

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