HHC and All You Need to Know About It



The rumors are out, Just Delta has now released their newest product: HHC Gummies. Though this sound fascinating, do we really know what HHC stands for? Well, Hydroxyhexahydrocannabinol or better know as HHC is a semi-synthetic Cannabinoid that is extracted from Raw Hemp to later be mixed in a lab. Want to learn more? grab your favorite Eight Vape product and lets get to reading!

New to Us Old to Them

Although our HHC knowledge goes back to recently, HHC was actually discovered in the 1940's by the chemist Roger Adams. Dr. Adams did what many never thought of, adding Hydrogen to the THC molecule, causing physical alteration to the molecular weight and stability. This process was later named Hydrogenation.

High or Low?

Perhaps HHC is kind of tricky because it technically isn't THC, however it does produce similar effects if enough HHC is consumed. Kyle Ray from Colorado Chromatography says that "HHC offers a pleasant and mildly cerebral high with some pain relief". 

is HHC Legal?

This indeed, is one of the most difficult questions to truly answer, because HHC is actually Hemp-derived and not THC, and therefore HHC should be in the clear. However, this can always change as HHC becomes more known, and more arguments get created. This also takes us to the question as of whether as HHC appears on drug tests or not. Although there is not true evidence, HHC doesn't metabolize into 11-hydrogem-THC, which is the breakdown substance many drug panels test for. 


HHC Summary 

After chatting about HHC, we can conclude that HHC is not as strong as other products and therefore we recommend you to double up on doses. We can also add that although it might seem clear from drug test, it is not certain that it won't show up and that it'll always be legal. Lastly, HHC is currently growing in the industry, and therefore it is important to give it a try, as it could easily become the new trend, you don't want to miss out on.  

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