Quick Look: GeekVape Loop V1.5 RDA

Photo Credit: Geekvape.com

As many know, often companies will tweak previous designs as opposed to moving onto something new. This is a truth across all industries and certainly true for vaping as well. While some products may come off derivative and simply a way to make a quick buck selling essentially the same item, it is refreshing to see a company that goes back to the design to perfect and truly improve upon their creations.

This is certainly the case with the GeekVape Loop V1.5 RDA and their fundamental changes inside and out to create a truly impressive next step in vaping equipment 


When the Loop 1 was released it received praise and recognition for the unique W-shaped build deck. Now while some companies would be satisfied with an innovated design that encouraged better airflow than their competitors, this was not good enough for GeekVape. Instead they have adapted the design to now feature a honeycomb type series of holes to improve airflow even further, now supporting better flavor as well as flow.

Photo Credit: Geekvape.com


But they didn’t stop there. Along with the change in build deck, they have also changed the outward air intake, adopting an arrayed airflow design which allows for a more precise control over the intake.

Photo Credit: Geekvape.com


These changes have increased not only airflow but level of flavor that the user will experience, while dramatically decreasing any leakage. As displayed in this image from GeekVape, the level of airflow has increased significantly without sacrificing style or size.

Photo Credit: Geekvape.com


The deck provides the ability to house both single and dual coil setups and allows for direct dripping from the mouthpiece without worry of leaks. Also included are a Standard 510 pin as well as a BF Squonk 510 pin that you are able to easily install.

Photo Credit: Geekvape.com


Atop all these changes, the product itself has received a easily noticeable change, getting a makeover and becoming far more aesthetically pleasing appearance above any device.


24mm diameter. 26mm height. Drip tip supports 510 and 810 switching, with a 18mm diameter. Stainless Steel construction juice well is 5mm deep. Direct dripping from mouthpiece without leakage.


  • Honeycomb bottom airflow to provide smooth airflow
  • Unique W shaped build deck
  • Easy coil building for both single and dual coils
  • Allows direct dripping from the mouthpiece without leakage
  • Surround airflow system transferring from side to bottom
  • One-piece airflow cap placed in a fixed position
  • Compatible with both 810 and 510 drip tips


Photo Credit: Geekvape.com

Coming Soon

The Loop V1.5 RDA from GeekVape is will be available very soon from EightVape.com.

Until then, for more information on GeekVape products as well all your other favorite vaping products, be sure to stay tuned here at EightVape.com and through all our social media outlets for the hottest products and late breaking vape-related news.

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