EightVape's Ugly Mod Contest


EightVape's Ugly Mod Contest


We love charity here at EightVape, so we decided to give back to some of you charity cases. Specifically three of you who have a bad, worse, and THE WORST vape set up you can send us. The winners will receive some EightVape cash to go towards some new vape gear.

Here is where you can check out all the entries to this contest and see the not so good, the bad, and the ugly. If this beat up vape gear reminds you of something, feel free to snap a pic and send it to us, follow the submission guidelines HERE.

This post will be updated daily for you to see all the monstrous mods that lurk in the homes of innocent vapers. The most recent entries will be at the top. And don't forget to vote for your favorites in the comments to help us select our winners.



Lucky Vaper

Here's my mod, VooPoo Alpha One. It was my daily carry piece, then daily beater, now the paint is worn off and the 510 screws are stripped out. Still works though 🤣


Arthur V.

Prone to atty short errors and leaking, paint and metal worn away from riding around in my tractor trailer over miles of potholes, tip nicked from one too many drops, and a battery cover that stays shut only when it feels like it. 


Benjamin V.

As an act of solid rebellion against basic 2014 mods I decided to get the most unique and ridiculous of them all. Ones I knew nobody would ever chance  buying because they would be ridiculed in the vape community... I had no fear.


Jen R.

Here is my ugliest put together mod. However i still use it bc i also have the smok voice control which is ugly and has terrible production. 


Lawless Vapors
This is my mod I use at work, well used unfortunately. It slipped out of my tool pouch and tumbled off the roof. Winning this contest would make my day, being a single dad I'm now stuck without a mod to use at work since I don't dare take my only other mod to work for it to get broken too! 


Rachael D.

I know the deadline was today so I hope I'm not too late.  I have been through so many mods. I am the queen of dropping mods. Or slinging them across the room by accident if I'm walking swinging my arms holding my mod. I have Multiple Sclerosis that gives me nerve damage all over my body,  but especially my hands and feet.  Often I don't feel what is in my hands and grip tight enough, and what I'm holding ends up on the floor. I have gone through at least 30 mods. None of the mods in the photos works. Every one of the tanks is Missing pieces. The swivel tops on the Smok tanks usually don't last long at all, same with the hinge battery  door style mods. The door always breaks off. I went through 4  Smok Aliens before I finally stopped buying that style. I had a Vaporesso Revenger, but that just stopped working altogether.   I buy tank glass by the 10 pack and go through them quickly. I had the 100w Geekvape Aegis and managed to break even that. The way it broke is a long story, but it was due to dropping it.  I started buying stick mods because they are cheaper.  Two of them even had the non-removable bottom pop off. The v9 Max stopped working the day after I bought it. The glass broke and the bottom popped off in one drop. Never worked again. The Vaporesso Armour Pro worked for a few weeks, but only because I taped the door on every day with shipping tape. Then it stopped working. I've used some crazy looking tanks. All of the Smok Resa products of mine were so ugly because the carbon fiber looking parts break off in pieces.  I wish I had pictures of my sorrier looking mods, but I never thought I'd need to keep them for anything. I just hadn't gotten around to tossing these safely.  Also,  I use coils until they are totally black and gross to save money so I included a few of those. I also included my new Smok Nova that's been in a protective silicone case.  Hope you enjoyed! Sorry for the long email.



I take pride in my ugly vape set ups! I will cover them in vinyl and clearly bedazzle them! But that is usually when I’m tempted to spend all my money on a new set up. Change the look of it and it’s a new conversation starter!   Both are perfect working condition still! The white eleaf (Or was white) is my road dog, she has been with me since 2015/2016 time. She sits in my pockets, my cleavage, yes, she sits in my boobs, and it’s probably in my hand more than my phone!  The vgod was given to me before I knew about the rechargeable and Removable batteries... it was always my back up. My brother was embarrassed of my white one... so I started to use the vgod. Ok ok I get it the 200w is waaaaay better and so is the battery. And maybe I’m in love, buuuuttt it doesn’t quite fit in the boobs the same or the pockets and it’s heavier so I tend to not have it in my hand as often.... therefore, it gets trashed. It’s flown off the trunk of my car a couple times... slid on the sidewalk... and many other things.  
I don’t think I will be changing until I Absolutely have to.  When I love something, I use it until I can’t anymore.  You should be my shoes and purses ... and some men! Lol, jk.... sorta. 
Anyway... I hope I win because i won’t change or explore until I am forced to... and I’d really like it to match my tattoos. 
VaperMom aka Natalie


Daniel R.

I’m a loyal Eightvape customer and I have an ugly mod situation going on. I could definitely use some charitable assistance. I have an old style VooPoo Drag 157 with a Fireluke MeshPro tank. 

Besides the horrible beating the box has taken, I’d like to draw attention to the tank. (I’m on my 4th replacement glass;) Not to mention the jagged drip tip that cuts my lip when I’m using it and it doesn’t even fit all the way in to the opening!



Jill P.

I just started vaping about 2 weeks ago and I don't have an ugly mod. So this is the ugliest thing I have. Because I hate these things now.


King W.

My “friend” robbed me and stole my sourin the same as my juice was delivered In my mail box the timing couldn’t be worse not looking for 1st place just anything would help 



Still hits ok the tank fell apart luckily I had a nrg tank peeling paint and all it's a back up



Bill F.

Here is my AL85 mod. It's been through the ringer and still working. Burns through coils in 24 hours or less. Paint. Color is basically nonexistent. Some say it's ugly. I say it has character.


Christopher R.

This is what happens when your husky is in his beginning stage of training to be a therapy dog and thinks it's a good idea to make my tank, mod, and batteries an afternoon snack. thankfully he was ok afterwards. But we both learned a valuable lesson that day lol. I'm happy to say that recently he graduated from his training and became my therapy dog and hasn't touch anything again. 



Matt C.


Beverly Abbott

It's been beat all to hell and the back of the battery compartment won't even close all the way.. but it still Vapes like a dream..i don't really have the extra cash to replace it right now so please pick my wismec rx200 as the ugliest mod winner.


Jennifer L.

Not sure why I kept this pioneer IPV6…not only did all the paint peel off but when it broke it took the bottom of a smok big baby with it…part of the pin from the tank is stuck inside the mod making them both unusable. This happened in the middle of a shift at work(with no backup) and pretty much ruined my whole day.


Rob P.

This is my old SMOK Alien. I bought it new in Aug. 2016. It's been through hell and back. I've took it apart and fixed it so much that it cant be fixed any more. It was my 1st mod I ever bought so I keep it, hoping I can fix it. I've doped it and it fell of 4 story building. I fidget a lot with my hands and I keep rubbing it all the time to keep my hands busy when I'm not vaping. As u can see in the pics I can't put it back together this time. I know its not bad as most people have. Though I'm hoping I can win.


Johnny S.


Luke W.

First off, here she is; 

This is a 7 year old Vamo with an antique nautilus. 

I’m trying to wean my nicotine down to quit after a decade vaping. All the MTL devices I keep buying keep breaking with the exception of this ancient monolith. 

My wife and I just had our first child so money's tight. I started vaping in 2009 at Good Prophets in Stevens PA, one of the first brick and mortars in the nation. I started working at shops eventually working my way up to store manager to district manager to full partner. I moved across state lines to help get another store open in 2017 and I discovered my partner was committing tax fraud and wire transfer fraud, so I dissolved myself from the business. Now I work in CNC, ha. Once that happened to started tapering. I was on 24mg in a crown 3 (don’t ask lol) now I’m down to 3 in this old beast, just trying to get across the finish line. 

Thanks guys! 



Ever pixel is dead on my screen but it still works cant justify buying a new one right now, and i have to use velcro to keep the battery cover working, please let me win lol.



Frank T.


Ed M.
Here is my ugly mod.


Mario P.

This is my voopoo drag mini . Not even 2 months old yes . It was originally black as you can tell from where the fire buttons are at. It been Been drooped and cracked and brushed to bare metal 



Roach L.
This is my entry. It is my buddy's hpriv and if I win I promised the credit to him to get him a new mod so he wont go back to the stinkys




Tara M.
Its a Ijoy Shogun mod with a Smok baby Prince tank. The tank has been dropped on the drip tip and is dented pretty badly. It's just hanging on by a thread. It sort of matches since the mod has red and blue but it still looks crazy.


Cody S.

I've been rocking this joybo reuleaux rx200 for like 5 years now. This thing is a ugly big ol beast. It's gone through a few tanks, multiple rda's, 12 batteries and it finally gave out a few months ago. It was quite the mod and I probably dropped it a dozen time or more. And this damn smok v8 babybeast has held up since shortly after I got the mod. Though I have replaced the glass multiple times. Now it leaks and the coils misfire randomly. Please help me out. 




Dan M.

I have never owned any mod or tank since I bought this mod and tank a few years back its ugly but works like a champ ! ! I stick 100 watt with Atlantis 2 tank hahahaha 

Would be nice to win so I can get a new mod I am raising 2 kids and don’t really have the money to spend on a new mod but vaping has got me off cigarettes and probably saved my life being smoked 1-2 packs a day
Either way this is a fun contest !!

Thanks guys !




Brett F.
Here i have a voopoo drag mini 2 with a dead rabbit rda tank i got this for free of my brother it originally came pretty much smashed up as he ran it over in his car and it just about worked but he upgraded now so thats why i got it but the battery is almost fully dead after 3 hours each time so i would like to upgrade the mod at some point soon as this is bad i even had to respray it a few months ago plus it barely charges i always have to have the charger put in at a certain angel 

Victor R.

hello people. My name is Victor.

 I send to you the ugliest coil I have ever seen in my life.
My friend arrives and he doesn't know how to build. And ask me if I can change his cotton. 
and he tells me that he has more than 4 months without changing it and that it gives him a burnt taste.
It's the most disgusting and ugly cotton I've seen


How about this atrocity!!!

Tiffany S.

Was traveling on the bus nothing uglier than a broken tank with no backup at all massive sucks. 


Dan B.

This is my first rebuildable at I bought back in 2014. Its cramped and difficult to build on. The airflow was shit so I drilled more holes. I always have have to push down the center pin to make it fire. A fixed 510 is a pain in the ass and it is hybrid UNSAFE!! The best compromise is a spring loaded 510. My beat up hohm slice fit the bill perfectly. I just looked at some pics online and realized I have had the barrel upside down for 5 years! Maybe I'll flip it over and change out the crusty o rings while I'm at it!!!





Shannon H.

This Maraxus looked so cool when I bought it. Now it just looks like a worn out POS... I honestly don’t even remember what RDA this is, probably a patriot clone it so old.


Ryan T.

My ugly mod is my “limited edition” 3M Stentorian Ram. I dropped it a couple of months ago and it broke diagonally across the back and was easy to tape back together. My wife and I had been saving for vacation and I didn’t want to spend the money on a new mod so it worked for the time being. A few days before we left I dropped the mod again and it went from being in 3 pieces to 7. I found some spray adhesive and crazy strong packing tape at work and somehow got it back together. If I win I’ll purposely drop it for a third time, not put it back together again and get something that isn’t head together by tape. 



Daniel S.

You asked for the worst vape, but brace yourselves, I don't know if you are prepared for the horrors that follow. Meet my completely-electrically-safe vape that's been trucking along for over a year now. First notice the battered (borderline abused) metal exterior of the Smok AL85:



This Drag has been DRAGGED!


Tyree H.

My poor vape is a hand me down. The tank bounces around because its stripped you have to hit the button multiple times before it actually fires because its says check atomizer. I've started smoking cigs again since my vape is unreliable and I can't afford to replace it.



I had this since they first came out! 


Branden P.

Not only is my vape ugly but dangerous to but I refuse to smoke cigarettes. So usually have tape across the batteries so they don't fall out. It's the hotcig R150 definitely need a new mod. It's missing both side panels. Batteries barley stay in shuts on and off while your hitting it. Lol. Yeah it sucks.




Here's my first ever mod haha. Still kicking it. 


Steven C.



Well If this isn't ugly I dunno what is. I had 2 mods break on me this is my current rig lol my loaner broken smok, with a mismatched tank half, eleaf half smok, barely working lol. I saw this contest and thought perfect an upgrade is mighty welcome. Thanks, Mike.



Matthew L.



So for my vape, I have a drag and a HorizonTech Arco 2. It started out really pretty, but since then it's been through the ringer. 

First thing that happened was that the Arco is a fickle tank. After a day or two into the life of the coil, the vacuum in the tank becomes to great for the coil to suck in liquid, the result is a dry hit.

I like the tank, but you have to open and close the tank after each hit. I guess doing that loosened the screws in the threading, because they started to come undone. I got a glasses repair kit and screwed the sucker in every few days, if I didn't, the result was the tank would come out, along with the metal piece at the top. After a while, the screws got stripped. To solve this, I superglued the inside of the piece to the rest of the mod. It wasn't a permanent solution, because I have to do it once a week, and now it's just become a mess. 

I dropped it several times and the drip tip shattered. The solution? To buy a new drip tip. However, I thought I had a 510 hole and so I ordered a 510 tip. Well it turned out I had an 810. The solution? I superglued the tip to the tank. 
I dropped it once more and that drip tip shattered, so I had to superglue all the fragments together like a vase.

After all those drops, the magnet in the mod's plate wore down, until I lost it on a bus. So I used a plate from my last, black mod, which is why it's black. 

I often forget my vape is in my lap 🤷🏻‍♂️




Jordan P.


Ronnie M.

My Kbox 200 has been through hell and back. It was red but now it's colorless.  Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. The fire button gets stuck on sometimes and I have to pull the batteries out to turn it off... I'm in need of a new one. 


Amanda I.

Here is my very loved and very well used mod. Have had it for years and use it all day every day. I’ve been vaping for over 7 years now. Love the tobecco tank and coils! They seem to last forever but are hard to find (lucky I find them at EightVape) no stores carry them anymore. I replaced my tank a couple months ago through your site and dropped it shortly after. Tip didn’t make it. Sad day. :( Hard to fill with not much to grip on the top to twist it open. Hah! My eLeaf doesn’t always work (have to work with it) and my batteries are so old they take around 5 hours+ to charge and last for about 1/2 to 1/3 tank of juice or less. Used to only need one or two batteries a day. Now I carry around 5 bad batteries and hope I make it home for the day to charge before they’re all dead. Definitely could use some new parts. He’s not hanging on by much but I love the old guy.



Mark Riddley

Mine is just sad....


Harley S.

This is a mod I took from my moms Megan’s list ass boyfriend n attempted to fix got it to work for a day used erasers as the buttons then realized there’s no charge attached to the chipset.

Another mod I have this one has seen it’s final days or has it?  Going to attempt to turn this old torch into a vape, minus the gas chamber of course

Marissa M.

I'm poor and I'm done smoking nasty cigs I can't breathe when I wake up I need a new vape


Brian H.

My ugliness, and my mod setup too lol. When I decided to stop smoking, a buddy told me about vaping. I had no clue about anything to do with vaping.... and this is what happens when you don’t ask for help. I left it in my car all day on a Tennessee summer day. The juice started out clear, and by Gods graces it didn’t vent or anything. I do have knowledge of vaping and a nice setup I bought from you guys. But I could really really use the EightVape cash to get something really nice...would really love a Topside..hint hint lol. 



Jessica G.

Here's my Drag, in all it's current glory.  First the magnet fell off the (already hideous) Drag logo'ed battery cover, which I wisely super-glued back in place... backwards.  So, when magnets fail, rubber bands swoop in to save the day! I got the straw drip-tip to lazy vape in bed, which makes for bad taste but less stiff necks.  Then, the tank... well there's no excuse for it, I just can't pass up a deal, even when I know what to expect.  Sadly, my Dovpo Topside just stopped working at the 31 day mark, aka 1 day past the warranty period.  This Drag was my 2nd box ever, it's been through the ringer but still vaping strong!  Thankfully, I work from home, so I don't have to be seen too often with this little gem of sheer embarrassment. 


Spencer W.

Here is my asmodus minikin. I've had this for just about 5 years. I've tried to paint it twice and both times was unsuccessful. But besides that she's been my most reliable mod. I had even bought a minikin 1.5 that ended up not lasting a year... So yeah shes a trooper.



John M.

So when u have a brand new geekvape aegis legend and forget it on the table when you leave for a 12 hour shift at the hospital, the dog decides its a chew toy. Attached is the ugliness.


Mark F.

It does work and believe it or not it does work! This is just one I can't throw away, even though it's old,  the way to change settings it like working on an old C prompt computer I still hang onto it. Hey it's stealthy so it stays and NO you can't borrow it! 



This is my first mod that would do over 30 watts, I think it's an IPV mini, but it's been so long I cant remember the full name now.



Dorian V.

Bought this predator brand new. My niece got a hold of it one time and managed to knock of the side piece. Was broke so just rolled with it. 


John C.

When you are broken and all you have is 2 broken mods and a roll of electrical tape you end up with this. It was named Franken Chicken wing.


John N.

For your consideration... 3 years cigarette free. The battery was once green, the tank was white. Thing leaks like crazy, which is probably why the battery/charging port give me non stop trouble. Tank has trouble making contact, so I have to loosen and re-tighten it perpetually. If I win, I promise I won't spend it on smok products! Thanks! 


Kevin J.

This is my original Alien 220 that I started vaping with. Has seen its better days but still working. This beast has to be the winner. 



Todd P.

She’s old and has been to heck and back still works but can’t even give it away lol

Judith J.
She may be ugly and old but she sure does work good have had for probably 3-4 years and use it daily :) 

Brandon B.

My name is Brandon and I present the ugliest mod you will ever see a rx200 that has been painted multiple times and still hasn’t helped it 😩 with a original velocity rda without the airflow control because I lost it 🤷🏼‍♂️ Thank you for the opportunity! Fingers crossed. These photos were the attempts of painting it to make it look “better” didn’t work to well



Wesley D.

The I stick 50 watt was my second MOD i put this thing through hell! lol it's held together with tape, and it would fall apart if i took the rubber case off! It still works believe it or not! This device was a huge factor to me quitting smoking!



Wesley D.

The Tesla touch is the worst touch screen mod ever made. It would always change the wattage on me so I would get a surprise dry hit every once in a wile. The 5 10 popped off so i used metallic tape to hold it on. I did my best. lol It still works, and for the tfv8 tank it has been used and used. I went through 3 glass tanks dropped a hundred times. Hope you like it more to come...


Albert C.

Here is my ugly vape. This thing is pitiful I got it like 4 years ago and still use it I have to order my coils at least 2 weeks in advance from Ebay because no one carries them locally. Half the time this piece of $h*t won't register that the tank is on. To top it off, the threads on the battery cover are stripped so bad I had to tape it on. Hope you pick me I could really use some new equipment before this dies. I have been tobacco free for 4 years since I got it, if it dies I don't know what I'll do. Thanks folks

Jennifer B.

I don't know if they'd be the ugliest...and it wouldn't surprise me if there were many Ruleauxs sent in. These devices knew how to take a beating. I have a problem throwing things away, as a few key pieces of my 'ugly' collection show, but they still kinda work.  Kind-of.  Rarely.  Frustratingly if I Absolutely needed something that would fire, once in a while.  But I just can't let go...


Rai B.

Images attached. My entry is the sad state of my Sigelei mod.



Cristopher G.



Stacey P.

So so old and like WTH!!!
Even have left over juice that now looks like motor oil in 1!! These have to be like 6 yrs old or older!! I guess they worked at the time!!



This thing was all black at some point now it's looking like some old school Nintendo controller.. It's beat up and let's not even talk about that gunky atty. May be old and dirty but it still deserves some love.


"Deaths 0079"

I bought this Mage216 from Eightvape little over a year ago. The only magic the Mage can conjure is giant clouds, and looking ugly. It excels at both.



Annie D.


Leon S.

Exposed metal is the new look uglier the better
Years of wear and never bothered to paint or restore it in any way


Adrienne S.

This is my “ugly” vape. She’s a trooper though.  She still works, but I have upgraded. I cannot seem to trash her. She was so good to me being my first mod from a vape pen after I quit smoking. No glass, paint chipping off the tank, and as you can see I wore the color plum off the mod 🤣. She may not be the ugliest, or the nastiest picture you receive, but she sure is taken a beating and still alive!


Rich H.

Surprisingly this low watt mod still works. Can't put new tanks on the 510 doesn't make contact


John D.

It is almost impossible for me to find coils for this thing but I still do. Also it only works half of the time! I am really wanting to upgrade to something new because i know it will help me help me quit smoking better. 

If I win this contest I’m going to make the switch for good!!


David A.

Still way better than cigarettes.


Jennifer B.

Was able to get a kangertech sub mod from a local (OVERPRICED) store so I can STOP smoking cigarettes!!! Has it maybe 3 weeks and the thread connection doesn’t work! It has to be half loose for it to fire at all! AND it’s leaked from day one!! Of course it’s on old piece (I was totally taken by the shop). This momma (single) needs help with a decent piece!!! Just found the site thanks to a friend and am going to be looking through all you guys offer! My money would have went much further with you guys if I had only known!!! #NewVaper #GetHealthyForMySon #EightVapeRules!!

Eddie C.

It's a Vape Flask from like 6 years ago. If was ugly new and it's still ugly now. It still works as you can see, fires about 30 percent of the time. The wattage up/down do not. 



Jessica K.

Pieces of pieces that were thankfully second handed to me to get me started away from cigarettes!!! Most of them did not work with the cortex mod that drains battery so fast it’s almost impossible to use anymore, if a tank decides to work on it. I had the most luck with the outdated Eleaf istick 100w (photo 1 right side), with the dual battery power and magnetic door. Combined, I used the aspire tank (1st photo in bag and 2nd photo, which sadly I do not know what tank it is except it’s an aspire! So I can,t replace the glass), with the HEAVY old istick until I of course broke yet another!!!!! I dropped the piece and went back to cigarettes until I saved enough side money to buy a quality piece! See photo 3 the voopoo drag with internal battery, with Smok prince tank. I was oblivious to this site (or even a small mom and pop shop farther than the shop I USED to use a LOT), and bought the device for almost 4x what I could have paid here, and gotten the BETTER drag 2 with external battery!!! And of course, now, the thread connection of the mod is loose and am afraid it will break soon!!! I desperately need a win guys!!! I purchased the Smok mag grip mod for my wife for her b-day present and she is super happy, and can’t wait to have enough funds to replace what I know is about to break... makes me sick these shops are taking advantage of people!!!

If anyone on the team can identify this aspire tank so I can replace the glass it would be HIGHLY/GREATLY appreciated!!!! Thank you for everything you guys offer!!! You have a forever customer in me 100%!!!


Terry B.

Ugly mod I literally have to take the 510 connector out and screw it into my tank than push it down into the mod for it to even work and it will literally burn out a double mesh coil with just a couple hits because the connection g priv 2 priv luxe my very first mod. I tried saving it but just couldn’t. Also has UGLY scratched into the side of the mod and the pictures so that the 510 connector won’t sit in its slot it literally bounces back out of it...pretty sure how I use it is dangerous since I’m reconnecting the power to it and pulling it off all the time to use it.



Wohey D.


Marissa M.


Breanna C.

Left: first mod ever owned. Smok alien that has been through hell and back and still works like a champ ! Its just ugly.  The TFV12 on top is the first tank I owned and it has e-juice caked in it that is at least 2 years old.  No glass and no coils left for that guy. 

Right: voopoo drag thats ugly and has something wrong with it (no clue what it is, it will literally start firing on its own and continue until batteries are removed) and a random tank that weve collected over the years with a non-matching broken drip tip bc its all we have that fits on there


  • Posted on by Terry

    Terry B of course lol

  • Posted on by Marissa

    Pick me plzzzz

  • Posted on by Keith Cripps

    Rai B, props to your mod! Blues for Allah, and a SYF…. That’s one loved mod!

  • Posted on by Mike C.

    I was thinking the same thing about Breanna C’s “votes” & some call her Bree, one even says her FULL name, but sure totally random & real…right. I vote Jessica G. then John C. and last goes to either Mark F. or Wesley, IDK they’re both gnarly!

  • Posted on by Pat T

    Oh man! My heart breaks for each and every one of you. Those are some ugly mods!!! My vote goes for Albert C., the poor guy has to get his coils on Ebay for his outdated tank which doesnt even sit flush with his mod!!!!!! Save him Jesus (and 8vape)

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