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Eight Vape’s “Share The Luck” St. Patrick’s Day Contest

St. Patrick’s Day is the perfect time to get out in the world with a positive attitude and hope some of that Irish luck rubs off on you. But this year here in the Eight Vape Community, we want to spread that luck around and share it with for fellow Eight Vapers.

This month’s contest is “Share The Luck” and it’s fun and simple. Come up with an Irish Blessing for those in the vape community. They can be heartfelt, funny, out of the blue, oddly specific, tear-jerking, whatever you wish to bestow upon your fellow vapers. Wish them luck in their vaping journey and give them your blessing. And who knows, maybe those who read them will have their own luck of the Irish too thanks to you.

In keeping with the theme of “sharing the luck” we have split the pot of gold evenly! Every finalist will be a winner of $50 in Eight Vape cash.


You have the chance to be the winner of one of these categories:

Most Original: Example: “May your vape juice be tasty, and your day not lazy.”

Most Humorous: Example: “May a leprechaun wake you up in the morning, blessing you with new bottles of E-liquid chucked on your sleeping body”

Most Sincere: Example: “May you continue your vapers journey down the road of healthier alternatives, and never go back to cigarettes”

These are mere examples to get your creativity flowing, we hope yours will be unique and much better. These contests prove to us time and time again, Eight Vape has the most creative members out there.

See some of the awesome entries we have already and get inspired HERE


Deadline To Submit Is Wednesday March 27th

Send Your Submissions To

Have Fun And Of Course... Good Luck 🍀🍀