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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Eight Vape’s “Ugly Mods” Contest

We love charity here at EightVape, so we decided to give back to some of you charity cases. Specifically three of you who have a bad, worse, and THE WORST vape set up you can send us. The winners will receive some EightVape cash to go towards some new vape gear.

Here is how to enter.

Send in photos of your ugliest mod, your oldest sloppiest kits, your nastiest coils/cotton, your shattered tanks, your busted drip tips. The worse the better. We’ll even accept mods that are just plain old and ugly. For an added chance to win send us in a little back story about how or why this vape gear is just… so sad.

Third place “Bad” Mod will win $28.88 in EightVape cash

Second place “Worse” Mod will win $48.88 in EightVape cash

First place “THE WORST” Mod will win $88.88 in EightVape cash!

Deadline To Submit Is June Friday the 14th

Send Your Submissions To