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How did flavors help you quit?

Here at EightVape we understand that delicious flavors are part of what makes vaping so great! Unfortunately, several state governments in the US and the President himself have come out against flavors in E-Liquid. Instead, they want us to be stuck vaping the same terrible flavors (tobacco and menthol) that cigarettes are regulated to.

But we already know that flavors have been helping people quit smoking, that’s one of the core reasons to start vaping in the first place! 

We want to know, How Did Flavors Help You Quit? 

Write us a little piece about how flavors helped enable you to quit smoking for good, it can be in the form of an essay, a poem, a haiku, vlog, or whatever format you want! 

All of your submissions will be sent to the Governments responsible for imposing flavor bans, along with our 100,000+ signature petition. Together we can fight back against the prohibition that threatens our industry!


I’ll get us started

For me, it all goes back to 2014 when the first vape shop opened up in my hometown. I had tried the BLU at that point and found, while it did help me to smoke less cigarettes, it wasn’t really completely satisfying for me. I was making the same mistake that many first-time vapers do and looking for a good tobacco flavor in a cigarette sized package that was similar to the cigarettes I was used to. 

After trying a few tobacco flavors here and there I knew they weren’t cutting it. No artificial tobacco flavor is going to come close enough to cigarette smoke to provide the same feeling. Even the flavored tobaccos like french vanilla and coffee were vile tasting to me, I was almost at the point where I didn’t even want to quit smoking anymore when someone at the vape shop recommended a Glazed Donuts flavor for me to try. 

That was the first time I ever tried Ruthless Glazed Donuts and since then my love of vape flavor has taken me on a tasting extravaganza all across the vaping world. From Fantasi in Malaysia to our homegrown American juice makers, there are so many different tastes to enjoy and experience. If it wasn’t for that first delicious flavor, I know without a doubt that I would be smoking the same cigarettes I was for 6 years before then. Flavors enabled me to quit smoking entirely in favor of vaping, nothing else could provide that much cravings satisfaction while still tasting and smelling amazing.