Eightvape Preview: MOTI ONE Pod System


Eightvape Preview: MOTI ONE Pod System

This is an exclusive Eightvape preview of the new MOTI ONE Pod Device, designed by MOTI and manufactured by Meta Lab, Inc. 

You might be asking yourself:

What makes this pod device different from the others that look similar to it?

To help you out, this preview will cover the main features of the MOTI ONE that set it apart from the rest, and provide links for those who want to purchase it. 



This pod device follows in the wake of the original MOTI Pod Device, which was notable for its unique color designs, large e-liquid pod capacity and large internal battery. The new MOTI ONE is smaller and features a smooth body texture and a rounded back decal that provides an ergonomic grip. It has a nice, compact weight and an all-metal body construction that betrays its excellent design.

This device is crafted to be ergonomic and convenient, with many of its main features focused on portability, simplicity, and ease-of-use. It features a compact size of 28mm x 66.8mm, a draw-activated firing mechanism, and a simple refilling design that avoids complication. 

Without further ado, let’s take a look at the MOTI ONE. 


Main Features:

Convenient e-liquid filling:

The MOTI ONE cartridge features a push-to-fill filling mechanism that is similar to that of the Renova Zero Pod Device. Users can simply insert the nozzle of your unicorn e-juice bottle, push, and squeeze to fill up the MOTI ONE cartridge. The mechanism will lock back into place automatically when you pull your nozzle out. 

The push-to-fill filling mechanism of the MOTI ONE makes e-liquid filling cleaner and more convenient. Rather than having to unscrew or unplug a stopper on the cartridge, you can simply insert the nozzle of your e-juice bottle. This filling mechanism is the future of cartridge designs. 


Ceramic coil heating technology:

The MetaTech ceramic coil used in the MOTI ONE heats evenly to create a satisfying hit of vapor in a short amount of time. 

Ceramic coils are the most common type of coil for use in pod devices because the material heats evenly and quickly, allowing for a shorter ramp-up time and a hotter hit. This is in contrast to other material coils that produce a lot of vapor and a cooler hit, but take longer to heat up, like the ones used in sub-ohm systems. 

Utilizing a ceramic coil in your device ensures that hits are quick, convenient and satisfying. 


All-metal body construction & unique color options:

The MOTI ONE features a 304-steel body construction with a weight of 1lb and a smooth exterior texture. The feel of the MOTI ONE is comfortable and pleasant while the look of the device is clean and attractive. There is also a range of unique color options that are attractive to different preferences. 

Unlike most other pod systems that are constructed using PCTG or zinc alloy, the MOTI ONE utilizes the high-grade 304 stainless steel that makes the device more durable and gives it a heavier feel. The all-metal construction also provides a nice smooth texture to the device body. 


Streamlined operation design:

The MOTI ONE features a simple draw-activated firing system. There is one small button for turning the device on and off, located on the front face of the device. The MOTI ONE is charged via micro USB cable. 




- 28mm x 14.4mm x 66.8mm dimensions

- This device (cartridge included) is about the length of the JUUL Device.  


Cartridge specifications:

- 1.85mL maximum e-liquid capacity

- PCTG material construction

- 1.0ohm resistance built-in ceramic coil


Power output:

- 9W - 12.5W adjustable output range


Li-Ion Internal Battery:

- 350mAh battery capacity 

- Chargeable via micro USB cable


As you can see, the MOTI ONE is a simple but high-quality pod device that was made to simplify the vaping experience. Everything about theMOTI ONE is intended to make vaping more expedient and more satisfying for the user, from the push-to-fill cartridge system to the all-metal body design. 

For anyone who is interested, they can find the product page for the MOTI ONE HERE. The MOTI ONE is available for the lowest price of $14.95 right now on eightvape.com.


  • Posted on by Greg Roach

    Same here on my Moti. It failed the day after I received it. 8Vape hasn’t read to my email. So I guess it’s a good thing I didn’t order extra pods with it

  • Posted on by Chris Skinner

    What is up with the customer service?? I have a defective mod and no responsese

  • Posted on by Joette

    Sold Out!
    Purchased 3 of the original kits plus a pack of refillable pods. 2 kits were replaced by the manufacturer as they failed early, but when they worked they were great so anxious to give the new system a try. Not sure what to do with the new set of pods I purchased.
    Hope to see the new ones in stock soon.

  • Posted on by Sheryl

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    Kunjungilah idpoker333 kalau ada waktu, terima beri.

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