Do you have swag? How about the Swag PX80?

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Hello, EightVape fans and friends! Looks like Vaporesso has a new device coming soon, and honestly, it's hard to wait for it to arrive. Meet the Vaporesso Swag PX80:


It's pretty, right? So pretty. But in a cool way. Like that hot girl at a party, whose digits you will never get, Terry.

This thing's design is really cool. It has a gunmetal grey, brushed metal housing, and it's looking pretty compact. It has an embedded screen on one side that the display shows through, and on the other side is one of a myriad of colorful covers. Take a look:

Okay, I said "myriad," but only because that was a better-sounding
word than "five." It comes in five colors.

One of the features Vaporesso is saying the Swag PX80 will have is called "Quad Leakage Protection." Now, I don't really know what the heck that means, but apparently, (like the name implies,) it's an "Improved Anti-Leaking System." There are only two things that need improved anti-leaking systems: diapers, and vapes. If you have one, the other, or both, then you are (literally and figuratively,) sitting pretty.

The Quad Leakage System has triple-silicon structure, and a self-circulating e-liquid system. Whatever that is, it sounds totally awesome. Less leaks? Yes, please. Sign me up immediately.

The Swag PX80 will also have adjustable airflow. Between the body of the device and the pod, on each side, are one of two air inlets. These are adjusted simply by rotating the pod, to cause the inlets to overlap the area between the device and the pod, like so:

Oh yeah. That's good inlet. Mmm. Look at all those blue lines.
(That means it's good, right? I'm pretty sure blue lines mean it's good.)

So fancy, yet so simply designed. That's the beauty of this whole system. BUT WAIT! THERE'S MORE!

Have you ever been changing out your coils, and said, "Fantastic. Now I have to empty all the vape juice out of this pod. That's a hassle and a half. Heck with it; I'll just vape terrible, burned e-juice flavor until this pod is completely empty! I'LL SHOW YOU, COIL! I'll let you BURN EVERYTHING before I change you! To the last, I will grapple with thee, coil! I SPIT MY LAST BREATH AT THEE!!"

...No? Just me? Well, different strokes for different folks, I guess.

...If you get this joke, congratulations—we're either both old,
or we both watch a lot of retro TV.

But, regardless of whether you quote Moby Dick (or Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan,) at your pods and coils or not, you will find this next feature completely and utterly incredible: You can change the coil without emptying the pod. I know—a lot of you just said, "Why would you lie to us? We already like you. We don't need you to lie about stuff, just to impress us." But folks, I wouldn't make something like that up! That's some sci-fi, not-too-distant future stuff right there, people. It's literally as easy as one, two, three!

"...Three, sir."

You just rotate the pod so that the markings line up, press the drip tip, and the coil pops up for easy removal and replacement. How dope is that?
(Yes. I'm old enough to have watched Diff'rent Strokes when it first aired as a kid, and I realize I probably should not be using the word "dope," unironically. But, honestly, I apologize for nothing. DEAL WITH IT, AMERICA.)

Here's a handy diagram of the coil removal system:

You just twist, press, and pop! Like me, when I creak out of bed in the morning.

The Swag PX80 looks fantastic, sounds like it's going to be very popular, and solves one of vaping's oldest tank/coil conundrums. If it doesn't turn out to be one of the coolest new kits out there, then I will eat my hat!

...Strike that. I'll buy a hat, and pay someone else to eat that hat. I like my hat too much.

Until next time, vapers!

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    a super step up in beauty from our swag’s! We “Love” the small profile. l


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