Coastal Clouds


Coastal Clouds Vape Juice Collection

Can't hit up the beach? Alright, we'll bring some beach to you! We might make a mess is we bring sand, so here's what we present instead:

Coastal Clouds!

Coastal Clouds brings you a collection inspired by adventure and coastal culture. 

Treat yourself to these many tastes! There is Saltwater Mint, Blood Orange Mango Snow Cone, Blueberry Limeade, Oceanside Guava Punch.... the list goes on and on.

Whatever your taste is, there's a flavor (or several) for you here. Find your favorite flavor... or find a new taste today!

How about a sweet candy? Try The Abyss- the taste of saltwater taffy, specifically watermelon, just like going to the carnival!


Maybe you want a fruity mix- try Blood Orange Mango Snow Cone. It's a juicy blend of orange, mango, and lime to add some zest. 

Let's look at some salts.


In the mood for tart and sweet? We present Blueberry Limeade.



In the mood for a gentle flavor that doesn't overpower? Try Saltwater Sugared Nectarine. It's freshly picked peaches and nectarines. 

Maybe you're in the mood for a deep, rich flavor. Try Saltwater Tobacco. It's bold and satisfying Arabian tobacco. 

Maybe you're more a fan of sweet and fruity. Try Salt Apple Peach Strawberry. It's crisp apple, juicy peach, and sweet strawberry all mixed together.                                                                                                                  


There isn't just a variety of flavors here, there's a variety of options.

Time to be adventurous and try something new! Of course, you can also argue a great flavor is always an adventure. 



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