Can Vaping Cause Hiccups?


We’ve all been there, you’re sitting at a café, vaping when suddenly you start having the hiccups. Although a natural occurrence, getting hiccups frequently can be annoying.  

vaping with the hiccups

However, why do you start hiccupping after vaping? Is it due to the excessive nicotine amount or choosing the wrong type? Below we’ll discuss the top reasons you can get hiccups when vaping and practical ways to stop them:

Why Do I Get Hiccups After Vaping?

The primary reason people get hiccups when vaping is because our digestive system believes nicotine to be a potential threat. As a result, our body goes into its fight mode, creating temporary stomach swelling, thus triggering hiccups.

Most people experience vaping hiccups due to nicotine. But it’s not the nicotine vapor you inhale that causes hiccups; instead, it’s what you ingest.

While no one willingly swallows nicotine-containing vapor, the hiccups occur due to the condensation in the mouth. In addition, individuals may experience short-term hiccups when they take quick draws of nicotine. It can cause you to swallow gulps of air, which results in annoying hiccups.

5 Things That Make Your Hiccups Worse from Vaping?

Here’s the truth: some people experience more vaping hiccups than others. Wondering why? Here are five critical factors that worsen hiccupping due to vaping:

1. Nicotine is too Strong

Vaping hiccups can exacerbate when the nicotine concentration of your vape’s vapor is too high. People who are vaping for the first time may need time to get used to the feel of it, making hiccupping a natural side effect.

Therefore, nicotine vapor that’s too potent or harsh can cause sore throats, coughs, and nicotine hiccups, particularly if it reaches your stomach. So, to reduce your hiccups, consider using vape juice with a low nicotine amount, such as 3mg to 6mg.

If that doesn’t cause hiccups, you can gradually increase the nicotine amount to determine what concentration best suits you. Similarly, if you’re experiencing hiccups while vaping a potent juice, seek one with a slightly lower concentration.

2. Wrong Type of Nicotine

Your vaping hiccups may have something to do with the type of nicotine or components of your e-liquids. Different e-liquids comprise different flavors and nicotine, particularly propylene glycol (PG) and vegetable glycerin (VG).

Vaping with high PG amounts of nicotine can cause a dry throat or dehydration. When you experience a dry mouth, the nicotine from your vape is likelier to linger and become concentrated, increasing the risks of short-term hiccups.

Furthermore, most modern e-liquid contain softer nic salts that are more smooth but with higher concentrations. Therefore, these can also cause frequent hiccups.

You can combat vaping hiccups caused by nicotine types by switching to nic salts with low nicotine concentrations. We recommend seeking e-liquids with a PG ratio of lower than 50%.

different types of nicotine

3. Vaping Too Much Nicotine

Another reason people experience hiccups while vaping is because they start vaping too heavily and quickly. If you’re a heavy smoker trying to eliminate your habit, vaping too deeply and often will result in hiccups.

In addition, vaping too heavily can cause you to swallow air, which results in hiccups, regardless of the effects of nicotine. So, frequently vaping to subdue your nicotine cravings or taking quick inhales of your vape device can create similar impacts.

The best way to minimize vaping hiccups is to take longer breaks between puffs by putting your device for a white. That way, you can wave goodbye to your hiccups and combat smoking habits.

vaping too much nicotine

4. Using the Wrong Device

You can experience vaping hiccups when using a vaping device for unintended purposes. For instance, beginner vapers shouldn’t try high-power e-cigarette devices like mods and DTL kits.

It is because e-cig devices are used for inhaling high amounts of low-strength nicotine vapors. Moreover, newbies who use mouth-to-lung (MTL) vape, such as vape pens, may experience hiccups due to high vapor condensation in the mouth.

Furthermore, pairing direct lung devices with regular high-strength juice containing 12 to 18mg of nicotine can exacerbate the issue. So, the best way to avoid vaping hiccups is to ensure your desired vape device is not too powerful.

Additionally, we recommend beginner vape kits, such as pens or pods, to mitigate the risk of hiccups. But if you prefer using a DL kit, consider lowering the e-liquid’s potency and switching to nic salts.

5. Swallowing Nicotine

Another overlooked factor that causes short-term hiccups during or after vaping is swallowing the e-liquid from your vape. The primary reasons are a leaky or cracked pod vape or tank.

Besides this, you might swallow nicotine e-liquid due to spit-back. This occurs when your vape device shoots e-liquid droplets from the drip tip. The vape device may spit back for numerous reasons, such as a high wattage.

You can prevent vaping hiccups caused by swallowing nicotine by getting the bottom of your e-cig device checked. Alternatively, you can invest in a vape pen or pod with a built-in mesh splash guard!

swallowing nicotine vape juice

How to Stop Your Hiccups from Vaping?

Good news: you can stop your short-term hiccups from vaping! Drinking lots of cold water is the most straightforward way to combat nicotine hiccups. As a result, the water dilutes the nicotine in your stomach, thus relieving hiccups.

But for the long term, you should try using vape juice with lower nicotine concentration and avoid vaping too heavily and quickly. Another excellent way to prevent vaping hiccups is to use a leakproof vaping device.

The Bottom Line

Nicotine hiccups aren’t harmful to your health but can be annoying. Moreover, they indicate a more significant underlying issue, such as heavy vaping, high nicotine concentration, or a leaky device.

The good news is that you can prevent vaping hiccups by taking the appropriate steps. Follow the steps we discuss, such as reducing nicotine concentration, using a beginner-friendly vape kit, and avoiding vaping too quickly and heavily.

Furthermore, seek nicotine vape devices and pods that comprise a built-in mesh splash guard. That way, you’ll be able to get rid of your vaping hiccups in a few straightforward steps!

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