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ANNOUNCEMENT: The EightVape Coupon Center

Justin D. Troyer

Posted on June 22 2018

The EightVape Coupon Center


Happy Friday, vape community.

I'm here today to announce a very special section of the EightVape website; one that I'm sure our customers will be very happy to see. 

Soon, a section of our website will be solely dedicated to saving shoppers money. The "Coupon Center" will educate customers about the various promotions that we have going on, and direct them to the products that are on sale. Inside the section, you will be able to see all of our active promotions laid out in a user-friendly format, and there will be links embedded in the images, so with one click you can instantly see all of the products that are discounted. 

Save your time and money. Check out the Coupon Center before you shop to see if any of our special deals apply to your specific shopping needs. We're always mixing it up with our promotions, so check back regularly to save the most cash. 

This week we have three very exciting promotions going on. I'm going to highlight them here since the Coupon Center isn't available quite yet.





That's right. All SMOK products available at EightVape are 20% off. You can pick up a brand new Resa Stick Kit, an X-Priv Baby Mod (a sweet little item), or a V-Fin Kit (crazy-long battery life). You can get coils, tanks, mods, even replacement glass tubes. A deal like this only comes around once in a little while so hop on and see what kind of deals we've got. 






The answer is no, we haven't gone crazy. We just wanted to kick off this coupon thing in the right way. That's why we're offering 20% off not only on all of our SMOK products, but on our GeekVape products as well. I recommend checking out the Aegis Legend 200W Kit. It's shockproof, waterproof, and one of the hottest products this season. You can check out a review of the Aegis Legend 200W by clicking HERE. Also, the Ammit 22mm MTL RDA is a brand new item that has outstanding flavor production. Easy to build on, too, so check it out. 




Code: New20

This is one to tell your friends about. If you're purchasing an item on EightVape for the first time, we'll give you 20% off any juice in our store. Dessert, fruit, coffee, tobacco—it doesn't matter. You can get one of the juices you've always loved or you can try something new. Make sure to tell your friends that if they're looking to buy vape products, EightVape is always the smartest shopping option. We've got the best prices, and we take care of our community. 


Go ahead and post some comments about what products you'd like to see discounted. I'll put in a good word. 


Thanks for reading!

Justin Troyer
Head of Content


  • Vela N Perry: August 14, 2018

    I would love to see some double pack offers for say the RYPE line or other lines. I can get a double pack of RYPE , just for example, for 19.99. A mix and match option with that would be awesome too. You could do a similar thing with the 4 or 5 packs, allow customers to choose their flavors. That is what usually deters me from buying bundles. I love bundles, I just dont want to get a juice I know I dont like bec its in the bundle. A “pick your juice” option would be sweet. You could put a “limit of 2 of the same flavor” thing in if people tend to order 4 of the same flavor.just an idea :) I am still placing my order here in about 5 min, just wish I had that shipping off there lol ;) love you all at 8vape !

  • Vela N Perry: August 14, 2018

    I have used eightvape for awhile now and love it, I really do. But honestly the shipping fee is making me look at other sites. At least for orders over 50 or 60 bucks, even 75$ would be nice. So many other sites offer this. That almost 9$ for shipping at the end sucks. Also is there no way to combine 2 rewards into one , or use 2? I accidentally split my rewards points into 2-5$ coupons instead of a 10$ one and it wont take both. :(

  • Marty Vanhoy: August 13, 2018

    None of the discount codes work. I was going to buy a large order from here but will stick with Breazy. Com.. have not had any issues there

  • Danielle: August 13, 2018

    I have $158 in my cart right now, and the new20 coupon code is NOT working. Being that the shipping isn’t free like most other places, in not going through with my order without the 20% coupon code. Please don’t advertise coupon codes that obviously dont work. Please fix tbis soon so I can actually go through with my big, expensive order. Thank you!

  • Danielle: August 13, 2018

    I have $158 in my cart right now, and the new20 coupon code is NOT working. Being that the shipping isn’t free like most other places, in not going through with my order without the 20% coupon code. Please don’t advertise coupon codes that obviously dont work. Please fix tbis soon so I can actually go through with my big

  • Stephanie McConnell: August 12, 2018

    Is there a reason the “new20” code isn’t working? I was going to place an order but if the code advertised on your own site isn’t valid I’ll take my business elsewhere. 🙄

  • Ryan: August 12, 2018

    The 20% off code does not work? I have a $124 order I’d like to place. This site seems to have good stuff and I want to try them out but a 20% coupon would be nice. Why would you advertise a coupon and not allow it to work? Seems kinda shady to me. Isn’t there some kind at law against false advertising?

  • David Baker Jr: August 12, 2018

    Why do you guys advertise coupon codes that don’t work?? I’ve got a $60 order in my cart, right now. Its bad enough that you don’t offer free shipping, after you order a certain amount of money, LIKE EVERY OTHER ONLINE VAPE COMPANY I have ever dealt with. But, to give out fake coupon codes…Na…I think ill just empty my cart and go on over to Element Vape or Vapor DNA. Spend my money there.

  • Crystal James: August 11, 2018

    Oh wow, after reading all these comments, I’m not even going to bother ordering here. I’ll stick with the other guys.

  • Crystal: August 11, 2018

    New20 isn’t working

  • Kristine: August 05, 2018

    I agree…absolutely love this site too!! But for those other’s that have actually reached a human through a telephone, I’d LOVE to know your secret & the number your calling too??! I can NEVER get ANYONE on the phone, NEVER! I’m still smh at the customer up a few that actually dialed a # AND got an answer! Your blessed by some other power that be!

  • CJ Howard: July 27, 2018

    I had an issue with my last order with two items (juice, and geekvape g-box). I explained the juice was half empty but the package didn’t show evidence of it leaking, and the mod had a deep scratch in the red paint). I just wanted either an exchange or refund. The response I got was sorry, here’s 5% off your next order. I think it was an extremely poor way to handle my issues.

  • Mike D: July 15, 2018

    I’ve never had trouble with Eightvape coupons in the past but bring back over 75.00$ free shipping

  • Katie: July 13, 2018

    Great Site as long as you don’t have a problem, the customer service is poor. I had a defective device, I submitted a ticket after sending the device back and asked for store credit, I didn’t even ask for my money back. I didn’t want the same device back because I didn’t want to deal with another possible defective device and I received a note back saying that they received my defective device and they were sending out a replacement. I was very clear I wanted store credit and not another device, and now I’m stuck with dealing with another return. So frustrating.

  • Libby: July 12, 2018

    New20 coupon code not working. Anyone else having this problem?

  • April Heller: July 11, 2018

    I gave up on coupon codes here long ago with the Reddit one.. Anyone who would disparage the cust svc at Eightvape has never dialed the number provided and spoken to an actual person.. After wasting time with the portal, being jerked around and blatantly lied to by a character hiding behind the alias “canon ball” (said my order #ev203128 shipped, which hadn’t and didn’t for days) i called and spoke to a young woman (with a possibly Hawaiian last name, icr) and she straightened everything out during the phone call. She sounded surprised and a bit sheepish when i told her the website claims same day shipping, but she worked hard to resolve the issue and was honest with me. That alone made up for the other discrepancies.. Just call them if u don’t receive a tracking # within a day or so, the portal is a run around to stall for time. I love Eightvape but i won’t lie. Clean it up and I’ll only have positive remarks, meanwhile i will try to help others navigate the chaos because vaping saves lives, so it needs to work for everyone.

  • john: July 10, 2018

    worst customer service ever!

  • Jason : June 27, 2018

    Trying to order the beard vape juice and the 7 Daze juice gor 7.99 but the 9JUICE code isn’t working

  • Justin Troyer: June 27, 2018

    In reference to the GeekVape Coupon Concerns: We’re very sorry but we are experiencing difficulties with this coupon code. We are working to resolve the issue now.

  • Tom K: June 27, 2018

    …are there any restrictions to the GEEKVAPE20 coupon code?

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